Who let the Wolf Out?

Who let the Wolf Out?

Wolf Game NFTs Sparks Excitement on OpenSea with Sales over  $50M

TRUE OWNER COUNT: 3,489 (updated 11/21) was posted on OpenSea. "The true number of owners is higher than what OpenSea displays because most Sheep and Wolves are staked for gameplay."

Things move at lightning speed in NFTs and by the time you hear about the latest hot project, it often feels like you’ve already missed the boat.

That was the case for me when I stumbled across Wolf Game early Tuesday, and it probably didn’t help that few influencers were talking about the gains they’d made.

Thousands of Sheep and Wolves compete on a farm in the metaverse. A tempting prize of WOOL awaits, with deadly high stakes. All the metadata and images are generated and stored 100% on-chain. No IPFS. NO API. Just the Ethereum blockchain.

Wolf Game uses a unique system to power its game. The 10,000 NFTs were quietly dropped on Nov. 18 priced at 0.06942 ETH ($290) and quickly sold out. Minters had a 10% chance of getting a wolf, with the remainder being sheep.

The current floor price for a sheep is 3.3 ETH ($13.7K), and the cheapest wolf will set you back the princely sum of 8 ETH ($33K). The highest sale recorded so far was Wolf #2772 that changed hands for 20.5 ETH ($85K).

The collection has notched up nearly 13,000 ETH in sales volume and is currently ranked #2 on OpenSea. Data from Nansen shows steady buying over the weekend.

This one might be great for the gm crew, you watch and learn and hit the Coinbase NFT waitlist so you can learn and play this time next year and win too.  

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