The Oldest Chain, the missing Link, the reason why BAYC is such a big success and win?

The Oldest Chain, the missing Link, the reason why BAYC is such a big success and win?

In Africa straddling the equator. There is a strip of rainforest that relies on the combination of a high temperatures and rainfall that you get around the equator that rainforest goes into, but 22 countries. And throughout those countries, you have chimpanzees, although they're going to extinct. And two of them in just a fractional limbo, is it five countries?

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You've got gorillas, whether mountains and in one country on the left bank of the great Congo river, you have Bonobos.

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So in the African forest, you've got these three African apes, the only African apes, all of which are very similar in much of the way of life.

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They walk on their knuckles through the forest, looking for fruit trees and eating hubs when they can't find fruits, gorillas represent the oldest chain. So about 10 million years ago, maybe as recently as 8 million years ago, the ancestor gorillas broke off from the ancestor leading to chimps and Bonobos and humans. So they've probably remained very similar now to what a reverie, similar to what they were.

Then they were probably the largest apes living in Montana and areas spending more time eating just hubs stems, not so vitally dependent on fruit and living in if there was like the present groups up to about 50 stable groups with one alpha male who was in charge, gorillas are wonderfully slow and inquisitive compared to chimps and Bonobos.

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Yeah. And I had the privilege of spending a week or two with gorillas and Diane Foster camp when, before she was murdered. And I went out with two women, Kelly and Bob to a particular group. And there was a, a young female in the group called Simba and Simba approached us and stared at the two women. And then she came towards me and I, she very deliberately reached out her knuckles and touched me on the forehead.

Silverback in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Uganda. 2017.
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She was watched in doing this by a young male who was quite keen on her and he was called Digit. And about five minutes later, digit stood in front of us on the path. And Kenny was in front of me and then there was Bob. And then there was me and he came charging down the path and he side-stepped around Kelly and he sidestepped around Bob and me. He just knocked with his arm and sent me flying about five yards into the bushes.

Portrait of a silverback gorilla at the Memphis Zoo.
Photo by Joshua J. Cotten / Unsplash

And I loved the way that that was a very deliberate response. And I love the way that Simba had been so interested in me and, and held my eye chimps and Bonobos never hold your eye, but gorillas really look as though they're trying to sort of figuring out what are you thinking about?

That was a species that goes back for something like 10 million years And that situation was there a game being played

Gorilla sitting in the rainforest of Uganda
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