The United States is under attack from within. Can we stop this Marxism and prevent the fall of our great Empire?

The United States is under attack from within. Can we stop this Marxism and prevent the fall of our great Empire?
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"Where liberty dwells, there is my country. Benjamin Franklin

This Fourth of July felt really different. For the first time, I was really scared about what America had become, and I felt completely hopeless about what was happening. I also feel we are all so preoccupied with our lives and so comfortable with our echo chambers that we completely miss how we are losing grip on reality. I am sure we still have a chance, at least some of us, while most will comply with whatever lunacy engulfs our society.

The protest began in Washington Square Park and ended in Hudson Yards as the Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks commenced. FreedomNewsTV

I spent most of the day working and monitoring the internet. The few friends I had were away, and my son was busy, so I just focused on work. I have been to many BBQs and celebrations in the past, and this year, it was Gene and the Internet. “Within Our Lifetime,” WOL, the Hamas chapter of NYC, had big plans to disrupt the celebration and cause chaos.

They are not even hiding the fact that they want to end the Empire, aka USA. They have the same twisted Marxist ideology and use the same tactics as Lenin used to take power in Russia in 1917 and the Ayatollah regime violently took over Iran in 1979. Columbia University in New York has been a cesspool of this movement, with 40 classes that teach about oppression and colonialism, radicalizing students and using false narratives to drive this division and hate.

In a brazen act, a group of protesters set an American flag on fire inside Washington Square Park. FreedomNewsTV

We can all recognize that America is and was not perfect and that there were and still are lots of injustices, but to minimize everything to a binary oppressor and oppressed mentality is just wrong and has never worked in history.

When you ask for examples of when Marxism worked in the past, there are usually not many examples other than China that they can give, but we don’t know what is really happening in China, and there are still millions of oppressed. It’s just done in secrecy and whitewashed with propaganda.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: We Have Been Subverted
What is at stake in our ability to see the threat plainly? Nothing less than the preservation of our way of life.

Footage captures a group burning an American flag inside Washington Square Park as keffiyeh-wearing activists brought their cameras in close to capture the desecration. Also, in the Greenwich Village park, the mob chanted, “Over 40,000 dead, Democrats your hands are red,” and “Israel we know you, you imprison children too,” The Hamarxists made their final stop at West 28th Street and 11th Avenue.

“We raise the flag of the revolution as we rise up and flood New York for Gaza,” the organizers posted on X, alongside a video of a horde of protesters gathered – with a Palestinian flag and a sign bearing the words, “Stop Cop City Free Palestine” prominently displayed as fireworks light up the sky in the background. 

NYPD arrested a few people and gave out 25 tickets, but with DA’s liberal policies and a habit of dropping all the charges, there is little recourse for millions of New Yorkers from these violent anti-American mobs. Kids can’t be outside enjoying the fireworks when psychopathic maniacs have taken over the streets. Overall, as loud and vile as they were, no one was hurt, and that keeps me hopeful and optimistic.

Happy 4th Of July!


P.S. For the past two months, I have dedicated my time to a non-profit organization, diligently researching and tracking the alarming rise of antisemitism and Marxism. The situation is critical, with substantial resources spent to perpetuate the destructive myth that "Jews Control the World and that America is Evil." We must act swiftly and decisively to prevent further harm.

Some of our research and modeling work has been utilized 17 times in recent months to brief various US agencies and officials, underscoring its importance and effectiveness. I can use everyone's help to continue, and if you can contribute, you can here.

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