NFTCON - Learn About NFT and Have Fun

NFTCON - Learn About NFT and Have Fun
Photo by SIMON LEE / Unsplash

A 3 Day Conference Dedicated to Everything NFTs

Join us from October 12 to 14 2021 and be part of the biggest digital shift happening now in the world of non-fungible tokens.

Learn the latest from top NFT experts from around the world who will share their knowledge and experience during the conference!

🪂💎Join the BIG NFT DROP. 35+ NFT prizes for 35+ winners.

  • 15x Gala Games Whale Shark Tank
  • 10x Deadmau5 Standard Packs
  • 5x Deadmau5 Mega Packs
  • 3x  The Sandbox: Snoop Dogg Private Party Pass
  • 1x The Sandbox: LAND
  • Dcentral VIP Ticket
  • Dcentral GA Ticket

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