NYPD Clears Hamilton Hall and Replaces Palestinian Flag with American at CCNY

NYPD Clears Hamilton Hall and Replaces Palestinian Flag with American at CCNY

A group of Marxist anarchists and students from Columbia and CUNY have been released from jail after forcefully taking over Hamilton Hall on Tuesday night.

A group of Pro-Hamas anarchists were welcomed by a cheering crowd outside One Police Plaza in Manhattan. According to the NYPD's press conference on Wednesday morning, a total of 282 people were arrested - 173 at the City University of New York and 109 at Columbia.

Mayor Eric Adams said that the group of individuals who broke into Hamilton Hall, barricaded the building and included students, was led by professional anbarchist and agitators.

"Students have a right to protest and free speech is the cornerstone of our society. As our major concern, there those who were those who were never concerned about free speech. They were concerned about chaos. It was about outside agitators hijacking peaceful protests and influencing students to escalate," the Mayor said.

"There's nothing peaceful about barricading buildings, destroying property or dismantling security cameras. We cannot allow what should have been a peaceful protest to turn into a violent spectacle that serves no purpose," he added.

Columbia University's president failed to act promptly, allowing the situation to spiral out of control. As a result, our law enforcement officers are now facing an even more dangerous and volatile situation.

The Anarchist with Lisa Fathini in charge occupied Historic Hamilton Hall just a day earlier and tried to make it look like their Marxists protest is like student occupation in 1968 during a protest against the Vietnam War and racism.

Assistant Commissioner Rebecca Weiner of the NYPD stated that some of the individuals responsible for the break-in at Hamilton Hall have a history of training protesters on various tactics, including dressing in all black, barricading buildings, creating makeshift weapons, and vandalizing property and security cameras. She also noted that there has been a normalization of violence and terrorism on college campuses due to the influence of professional protesters from outside the campus.

The aggression you are seeing is a very well-crafted and coordinated attack on the United States and our democracy. A few of the organizations driving this are SJP, WOL, JVP, IfNotNow, CodePink , and dozens of other far-left Marxists and socialists.

Occupied Universities
— Yale University — University of Texas — Columbia University — Massachusetts Institute of Technology —University of Minnesota — University of California, Berkeley — University of Pittsburgh — University of Rochester in New York — Tufts University — University of Michigan — University of Maryland — University of Southern California — Ohio State University — Emerson College in Massachusetts — Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania — California Polytechnic University, Humboldt.

Our kids and grandkids can't go to school without it, and anyone who stands up to these lies is also attacked. We need to really protect our community online and across the internet. Luckily, we have some friends and lawmakers who work with us.

The zeal of the convert is a term describing the very fervent devotion to new beliefs, which are completely different from one's old beliefs.

New York Police Department officers preparing to clear a pro-Palestinian encampment on the lawn of Columbia University, 2024

The Hamilton Hall group also broke cameras, scaled walls and were seen tossing the school’s property out the window. One of the agitators was identified as Lisa Fithian — a professional protester who has been raising hell across the country across a myriad of movements since the 1970s.

“These protests have been and are being influenced by external actors who are unaffiliated with the university — some who have been known to our department and others for many years for their dangerous, destructive and at times criminal activity associated with protests,” said Rebecca Ulam Weiner, the NYPD’s Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence and Counterterrorism.

Pro-Palestine student protestors carrying supplies into Hamilton Hall at Columbia University during a protest against the war in Gaza, New York City, April 30, 2024.

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