Wild Antesemetic Radicals Who Are Behind New York Pogroms

Wild Antesemetic Radicals Who Are Behind New York Pogroms

Controversial Radical Group and Leader Draw Scrutiny Amidst Allegations of Supporting Violence

Today a group of savages accompinies by other radicals, and thousands of useful iditosn decented on Rockefeler Center for a Christamas Lighting ceremony, and create choas, and they had quite a succesful night. So who are the Pogromists causing chaos all over New York City. WOL ( Within Our Lifetime) the Palestinian led gang by a violent and antesemtic Nerdeen Kiswani.

WOL advertised a rally in New York City for Gaza to 'defend the heroic Palestinian resistance " Hamas" and 'honor the martyrs' on the same day Hamas terrorists invaded Israel, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of innocent civilians. Within Our Lifetime organized an 'emergency rally' for the Gaza Strip on October 9, just two days after the deadly rampage by the terrorist group in Israel. On the day of the attack, they called on protestors to 'take to the streets.'

Just few days earlier on Piers Morgans Uncensored she argued to pro-Israel pundit Emily Austin that the Hamas terror attacks against Israel were part of a legitimate “resistance” against the Jewish state.

She continied that the attacks were justified due to Israel’s alleged refusal to grant Palestinians freedom from Gaza, which she described as a “concentration camp.” , but the videos from Gazans show a much different story of a modest but busling city with Mansions, Car Dealeships, Univecities, Parks and even a Marina.

Although the organization does not specifically mention Hamas, Kiswani called the October 7 attack 'a heroic campaign' as well as 'a psychological and tactical victory for the Palestinian resistance.' She seemingly defended the militants’ actions, including the reported killing of more than 1,400 people and the kidnapping of another 200, by claiming that Israel engages in similar tactics against Palestinians

Within Our Lifetime advertised the Rally for Gaza on X and Instagram on the same day Hamas invaded Israel and reportedly killed 1,400 people. Nerdeen Kiswani, the chair and co-founder of Within Our Lifetime, has repeatedly argued that Palestinians have the right to defend and liberate Palestine 'by any means necessary.'

Pro-Palestine protestors in Bay Ridge
Within Our Lifetime organized a rally in Bay Ridge Saturday that was attended by thousands in support of Palestinians.James Keivom

Critics have seized on Kiswani's statements, accusing her of justifying violence, including the reported killing of over 1,400 people and the kidnapping of another 200. Kiswani's claims that such tactics are common Israeli practices has stirred controversy, with some questioning the fallacy of her assertions.

The organization's involvement in the "Flood Brooklyn for Palestine" rally in Bay Ridge further intensified the controversy. Clashes with the police resulted in 19 arrests, as some protestors allegedly engaged in combative and aggressive behavior.

Within Our Lifetime is a radical offshoot of the extremist group SJP that supports terrorist groups like Hamas, PFLP and Hezbollah.

Pro-Palestinian group shares ‘reprehensible’ antisemitic map of NYC targets on social media

They were co-sponsors of the Leila Khaled event at SFSU, and have since continued to take part in other PFLP events. The co-founder and co-president of WOL, Nerdeen Kiswani, is an advocate of political violence, leading chants for death to America and Israel, and was recently filmed threatening to set a man on fire. They also published a list of business to target in their latest intifada.

The five boroughs also saw a 214% surge in anti-Jewish incidents last month as Israel pounded the densely populated Gaza strip with air strikes in retaliation for Hamas’ sneak attack on Oct. 7, which killed 1,200 Israelis, mostly civilians.