NFT.NYC Highlights from Gotham City

NFT.NYC Highlights from Gotham City

NFT.NYC has come and gone. We really enjoyed seeing some of the best of gm women and men. So much knowledge so much fun, so little sleep, so little water, so many Apes, Poets, VeeFriends, and Punks. Don't forget to sign up for Coinbase NFT and join our Telegram channel to keep up with the drops and insight.

Coinbase took over Times Square like you launching and NFT Marketplace and you just don't care.

Bored Ape YC did not hold back on the fun when you Bored that's how it is done, can't wait for Lonely Apes to drop I hear they will come with companions! That's Whats Up!

GaryVee, Mark Cuban of NFTs the most adult in the community, and lets everyone touch him with impunity.

Leap of Faith, don't be stuck create, don't wait to get paid, don't hate just change the people around you, and give more than you take.

LostPoets and Pak don't give a fk, they rock and create mind-bending Art. This is NFTs for those who got to level 4, at least 3. They just don't stop and Pak It Up!

Behind anonymous masks are the creators of tomorrow, and builders of Meta worlds, better worlds, with more humanity and fewer legacy systems and aholes.


NFT Insiders Guide from one and only Eric Spivak our gracious guide and host.

And how can you have a celebration without Steve Aoki and Cake by the OpenSea nation?

Sabet is always razzling and dazzling with his incredible colorful art and good advice, don't stop creating beauty for our eyes.

Cool and brilliant Arina, always funny and the NFT Ballerina.

And we can't have NFTs without the hardest working man and mentor of the community. He is cool and humble and loves to have fun, when you think it's over it has not even begun.

Now get some sleep and eat some nuggets too, Dcentral Miami Basel is only few weeks away, and how crazy will things no one know, but they will and so will you.

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This was a special report about NFT.NYC  WAGMI! The best is yet to Coinbase just wait and OpenSea.

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