Over Two Million on the list with Coinbase NFT's

Over Two Million on the list with Coinbase NFT's

Less than a month ago Coinbase announces the launch of their NFT platform, and the NFT community can't stop buzzing about it.

Coinbase ended the second quarter with 68 million users and 8.8 million monthly transacting users. OpenSea, the most popular NFT marketplace, has 300,000 users and offers over 34 million NFTs.

In September 2021 OpenSea, the biggest digital marketplace for crypto collectibles and NFTs across the globe boasted more than $3 billion in trading volume in August 2021. What's arguably more impressive is that it's an increase of more than 800% compared to the previous month's volumes.

This is an invitation to the greatest opportunity of the year and something that will completely change the world we are in and what we understand.

Coinbase’s NFT launch and its plans in the space.

  • Coinbase’s NFT marketplace will be open for all creators
  • Every NFT will be minted on-chain
  • NFTs can be taken anywhere an owner wants
  • You can list NFTs from other marketplaces on the Coinbase NFT Marketplace
  • NFTs on the Coinbase NFT Marketplace will be able to be sold on other platforms
  • Users can use their existing wallet to purchase NFTs
  • Coinbase will also offer users the ability to buy with their existing Coinbase account, including using fiat.
Coinbase Sees 1.4 Million Signups for New NFT Platform
The Coinbase NFT marketplace is seeing an “insane” amount of traffic as the number of users on the waitlist exceeds 1.4 million. The waitlist for Coinbase NFT, a peer-to-peer marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), has already seen over 1.4 million signups, and that’s in less than 48

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DappRadar's numbers, which include multiple blockchains and "off-chain" transactions, estimate the total 2021 sales volume at $13.2 billion. Another market tracker, CryptoSlam, which excludes "off-chain" sales, says the figure is $9.6 billion.

History of NFTs from ETH to ...
Ethereum is a blockchain network that was launched in July of 2015. While there were numerous founders behind the project, Ethereum was initially proposed by Vitalik Buterin. In order to fund development, the project sold rights to ETH tokens in a sale that took place between July and August of