🤳Just 1 Day Left to Claim Money From AT&T's $14 Million Hidden Fee Settlement.

🤳Just 1 Day Left to Claim Money From AT&T's $14 Million Hidden Fee Settlement.
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If you are a past or current AT&T customer, you may be eligible for part of a $14 million class-action settlement. The deadline to file a claim in the case is tomorrow.

According to the lawsuit, AT&T failed to inform postpaid wireless customers they were being charged a $1.99 administrative fee each month. They contend the fee was actually AT&T's way of increasing its base rate "without having to advertise the higher prices."  (Unlike prepaid subscribers, postpaid customers are billed based on their usage after the fact.)

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AT&T has not admitted to any wrongdoing. However, they reached a settlement to avoid court proceedings, which could involve significant fees, costs, time, and a potential loss that results in a larger judgment.

You might qualify in the ATT Class Action Settlement if you were a California post-paid AT&T wireless customer between June 20 2015 and June 16 2022. This means you must have a post-paid account with AT&T Mobility LLC.

In order to qualify for the estimated $20 payout, you must file a claim. You can do so online (see below for link) or you can file a paper claim form and mail it.

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Alternatively, you can fill out the claim form that was included with any notice you received directly for this class action. To find out how to mail a paper form or to validate your notice and make sure it is legitimate, visit the class action administrator's website here.


Keep in mind, submitting false information will render your Claim Form invalid. You are submitting any information and statements to the information's validity under penalty of perjury.

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