🥤Bud Light Ritas Class Action Settlement

🥤Bud Light Ritas Class Action Settlement

If You Purchased Ritas Brand Products from January 1, 2018, through July 19, 2022, Then You May Be Entitled to a Payment from a Class Action Settlement.

The lawsuit alleges that Anheuser-Busch violated false advertising laws by marketing the Lime-A-Rita's as containing certain types of distilled alcohols such as tequila or wine, when the drinks did not contain them.

You may be included in the Bud Light Lime-A-Rita Class Action Settlement if you:

• Are an individual who purchased for personal consumption, not for resale, any Ritas® Brand Product in the United States between January 1, 2018, and including July 19, 2022.

• Purchased Ritas™ Brand Products, meaning any packaged, bottles, cans, single-packaged products, Ritas™ brand Margarita, Spritz, or Fizz Product, as well as variety pack containing any Ritas products. Those Ritas™ Brand Products that were already in compliance with the labeling and packaging changes that do not falsely advertise are not included in the class action.

The amount of compensation you can get from this class action settlement depends on whether you have proof of purchase:

• Up to $9.75 Per Household if you have no proof of purchase.
• Up to $21.25 Per Household if you do have proof of purchase such as receipts and statements.

Payments are reportedly based on the type of products purchased, and, for instance, for 8-ounce cans, consumers can receive $0.30 per four-pack or $0.60 per 24-pack.  

You must submit a claim to qualify for a payout. The administrator will review your submission upon receipt. You may only submit one claim, and any duplicate claims will not be accepted. If you timely submit a valid Claim Form by

December 16, 2022, you will be entitled to receive a payment representing a pro rata share of the Net Settlement Fund after attorney and court fees.

Submitting false information will render your Claim Form VOID.

You are submitting any information and testament to the information's validity under penalty of perjury.

Claim Website: RitasSettlement.com

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