Yeezy Brand Ordered to Pay $300,000 to Freelance Creative Director Over Unpaid Photoshoot.

Yeezy Brand Ordered to Pay $300,000 to Freelance Creative Director Over Unpaid Photoshoot.
Photo by Kyle Brinker / Unsplash

It has been ruled that Yeezy, the renowned fashion brand led by Ye, the artist formerly known as Kanye West, must pay a whopping $300,000 to freelance creative director Katelyn Mooney. Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Gerald Lebovits made the decision after Yeezy failed to respond to Mooney's lawsuit.

Katelyn Mooney, a well-known creative director in the fashion industry, filed the lawsuit against Yeezy in December 2022. She claimed that the company owed her almost $100,000 after hiring her to photograph its founder, Ye, and the new sunglasses line, SHDZ. According to the lawsuit, Mooney delivered the final digital photos on September 14th but received only $15,000 out of the agreed $110,000. Text messages between Mooney and Yeezy employees confirm that the agreed amount was indeed $110,000, and Mooney sent invoices to the company accordingly.

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Mooney, a mother of three, had to resort to loans and maxing out her credit cards to cover rent and other bills during the two months that followed the photoshoot due to Yeezy's non-payment. This financial strain was a significant hardship for her, as expressed in her lawsuit.

The $300,000 sum ordered by Judge Gerald Lebovits is a substantial penalty for Yeezy and serves as a reminder that fair compensation for services rendered should be a priority for all companies. It also highlights the importance of freelancers knowing their rights and standing up for themselves when faced with non-payment or other forms of mistreatment.

Photo by Axel Antas-Bergkvist / Unsplash

The fashion industry is known for its high-pressure environment and demanding schedules, but this case emphasizes the importance of treating professionals with respect and compensating them fairly for their work. It remains to be seen how this ruling will impact Yeezy's reputation and relationships within the fashion world, but it is a clear message to the industry as a whole to value the creative talents of individuals who contribute to their success.

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