Who controls the Attn, controls the Metaverse

Who controls the Attn,
controls the Metaverse

Can I have your undivided attention, please? The next 3 minutes can change your your future. Imagine you learned about Bitcoin in 2011, CryptoPunks in 2019 or about smoking cigarettes in 1997. Due to the information overload of today, it can be challenging to isolate the mind from all the things grabbing at our attention. The truth of what's really important can be hard to recognize. That is why it is imperative to build and support emerging transparent sustainable communities. That will only happen if the correct systems are in place that are designed to be egalitarian. Whether we realize it or not, every choice we make contributes and informs our evolution. The future is here: generations of science and technology has culminated now in BitCoin, Etherium, NFT's, DeFi, DAO's.

Elon Musk, Vitalik Buterin, Jack Dorsey, Eric & Bret Weinstein, Joscha Bach, Lex Fridman, Tristan Harris, Dan Ariely, Daniel Schmachtenberger are just some of the brilliant people that are using data and science to solve world problems. We believe that by using knowledge and technology ethically, we can create solutions for humanities problems.

At BitCamp, we believe that making knowledge easily accessible and understandable can empower individuals to make better choices, and in turn create a better world. That is why BitCamp is free. Apply for BitCamp and learn everything you need your future!

BitCamp is blockchain and Crypto literacy for the whole Family!

At BitCamp we believe that all people have the potential to make an impact.

We encourage participation from everyone; whether you're an artist, student hacker, enthusiast, expert or just here to learn. We strive to bring fresh new perspectives to the table and stimulate innovative thinking. We hope to start important conversations, spark innovation, and most importantly, bring people together to work towards a better future.