We Going To Miami!

Whats more exciting than Raj Lahoti's Rocket Express? Maybe just one thing and thats MIAMI! Are you going to Miami? When are yo coming to Miami?! Miami !

If you are here are a few events we been able to find

If you have an event let us know  https://bitclout.com/u/BitCloutLabs

From BitClout500 and Team First Ever BitClout Meetup in #Miami!
The list just keeps getting bigger. Where are you coming from?! Excited to meet you all! register BecauseBitClout.com  #CloutCon #Cloutted

@nachoaverage will be hosting the NACHO AVERAGE HOUSE PARTY

Friday 6/4 in Miami! We will be taking the call with us so anyone who is not able to attend can still tune in! We can't wait to meet all of y'all there! We will release more details as we get closer to the date!

BitCoin Conference Confirmed panels and talks

This isn’t even on the site, but the “Bitcoin 2021” conference has announced the specifics of several talks through their Twitter. Among them:

  • “Supporting Innovation From Inside The System” with Chris Giancarlo and Brian Brooks.
  • “The Milk of Paradise: Bitcoin And The Western Canon” with Allen Farrington
  • “Bitcoin Makes The Laws” with Teana Taylor, Jeff Horowitz, Hailey Lennon, and Marco Santori. The moderator will be Peter Van Valkenburgh.
  • “What To Do When Your Country Bans Bitcoin” with Alejandro Machado, Boaz Sobrado, Francis Pouliot, and Matt Odell. The moderator will be Hector Rosenkrans.
  • A fireside chat with Michael Saylor and Max Keiser. About this, Saylor tweeted: “My mission will be to convince Max Keiser to double-down on his commitment to Bitcoin. Any suggestions?”
  • “The History of Money” with Nick Szabo
  • “Giving Back To Bitcoin” with Mike Schmidt, Hong Fang, and Ben Price. The moderator will be Matt Odell.
  • “Moral Case For Bitcoin” with Guy Hirsch, Jimmy Song, and Robert Breedlove. The moderator will be Guy Swann.

                       Hoping to see everyone there and BitClout Forever!!