The Intricate Web of Deceit: Anna Sorokin's Legal Feud with Her Ex-Lawyer

The Intricate Web of Deceit: Anna Sorokin's Legal Feud with Her Ex-Lawyer
Sorokin in April 2022.Steven Hirsch

Anna Sorokin, the infamous "Soho Grifter" known for her elaborate schemes and fraudulent activities, has recently become embroiled in yet another legal dispute, this time with her ex-lawyer, Audrey A. Thomas. Thomas has alleged that Sorokin owes her more than $152,000 in legal fees and has accused Sorokin of making false accusations against her in an attempt to evade these payments. This ongoing legal saga unfolds in the Manhattan Supreme Court, painting a complex picture of deceit and evasion.

A Scandalous Past

Anna Sorokin, a German native who famously posed as the heiress Anna Delvey with an alleged fortune of 60 million euros, has a checkered past filled with fraudulent activities. She was convicted of scamming banks and businesses out of $200,000 and served four years in prison for her crimes. Her high-profile case revealed a woman who exploited the trust of individuals and institutions alike under the guise of wealth and privilege.

In 2020, after her conviction, Sorokin hired Audrey A. Thomas to represent her in her immigration case and appeal her criminal conviction. The stakes were high - Sorokin's continued residence in the United States was hanging in the balance. It's reported that Sorokin could stay in the U.S. due to Thomas's last-minute legal maneuver. As per the legal documents, when Sorokin was at the airport, literally sitting in the gate area with her belongings packed in garbage bags, Thomas filed a writ and secured a stay from deportation removal, saving Sorokin from imminent deportation.

Audrey Thomas.
Audrey Thomas was fired by Sorokin in April 2022.Steven Hirsch

A Turn of Events

However, in April 2022, the relationship between Sorokin and Thomas took a turn for the worse. Sorokin fired Thomas and launched a lawsuit against her, accusing her of withholding records related to her case. This marked the start of an intense legal battle between the two.

Sorokin is set to launch a podcast soon.Steven Hirsch

In her Manhattan Supreme Court filing, Thomas has accused Sorokin of lying about the allegations against her and has argued that these accusations are merely an attempt by Sorokin to evade the substantial legal fees she owes. According to Thomas, Sorokin owes her more than $152,000. Thomas describes these fees as "astronomical," highlighting the complexity and intensity of the legal work performed on Sorokin's behalf.

The case continues to unfold in the Manhattan Supreme Court, adding another chapter to the saga of Anna Sorokin, the "Soho Grifter." This story serves as a stark reminder of the intricate web of deceit that Sorokin has woven throughout her legal journey and the impact of her actions on those entangled in it. As the courtroom drama continues to escalate, the world watches with anticipation for the final verdict. Will Sorokin be held accountable for the legal fees, or will she manage to slip through yet another net? Only time will tell.

The disbarment . . . does not negate the balance that the defendant owes,” Thomas said in court papers.

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