BitClout - The Good, the Bad and the Inevitable Future

Just when you thought you couldn't keep up with the latest NFT craze, and Bitcoin has been hitting new heights, again and again, something so interesting, unique and exciting like I have never seen before. Part of this comes along, that Let me tell you what it is. what it is now, and why here and now

There are still lots of unknowns with this project, but from all the projects we have seen in the last ten years, it's stimulating but can be very dangerous, and we want to track this and have you be a part of it.

BitClout is a game, a protocol, a social experiment; this is so recent, so new that the blockchain is still not decentralized; the source code and access to nodes are not available yet, but people are on the platform and building tools and communities. Right now is an excellent time to learn the new game and see how you can find a great fit. It's not for everyone, so how much for Elon?

To be continued....