Twitter Beats Disability Discrimination Lawsuit

Twitter Beats Disability Discrimination Lawsuit
Photo by Alexander Shatov / Unsplash

A federal judge in California has thrown out a lawsuit that accused Twitter of discriminating against workers with disabilities.

The plaintiff, Dmitry Borodaenko, claimed that Twitter's policies, set by CEO Elon Musk, were unfair to disabled employees. However, the judge ruled that Borodaenko did not provide enough evidence to support his claim. The judge did give Borodaenko three weeks to amend his lawsuit and provide more details.

Borodaenko, a former engineering manager at Twitter, said he was fired because he refused to work in the office and preferred to work remotely. Musk had issued a memo to staff saying that they should be prepared to work long hours and quit if they couldn't handle the pressure.

Borodaenko's lawyer plans to file an amended complaint with new facts to support the case. She claims that Musk has shown a lack of regard for disabled employees.

Another plaintiff, Abhijit Mehta, represented by Liss-Riordan, will have to settle their claims in private arbitration because Mehta signed an agreement to do so. In contrast, Borodaenko opted out of the agreement. Liss-Riordan also represents nearly 2,000 former Twitter employees who have filed legal claims against the company in arbitration.

This lawsuit is one of several that Twitter is facing related to Musk's decision to lay off about half of the company's workforce. Twitter has denied any wrongdoing in those cases.

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