Top BitClouters to Follow

It's another exciting day at BitClout land and since we only have 280 charecters to work with and 5 Mb images, and finally Gifs there is not that much you can, but the most important part the peopel and a few friendly bots I am sure so here are some top accounts we recomend you follow.

Memes is exactly what it is Memes, but not just like any other MeMe account we ever seen. I don't think I need to convince you too much that you can't have to many BitClout MeMes in your life, and especially from MeMes.

DiamondHands needs no introduction as the lead of the development team and accoirdiung to some reports is the founder of the project. Our own Satoshi Buterin if you will, and the way things are going on day 41 since the site went live, and I use both those words as loosly as possible, but I am not xomplaining in retrospect I am very excited about the future of BitClout.

Da5id -  Daveed - David with a Five - Da
I will never forgive myself for going to sleep that night. After a 72 hour session in BitClautoverse ( with brakes and sleep and lots of snacks indeed) I woke up to Clubhouse buzzing about mysterio David from Geneis block and his raise to top 10 and having 2.8 Million in a coin literelly overnight. I know one Clouter that was able to grab some Da5id before all the hype, and by the time I jumped in it was on the way down with Ruggin, but this is one of those mysteries that we can't wait to learn all about and you can read a full report on BitClout Pulse from
The Curious Case of Da5id read all about it.