The Worst Case Scenario & We Go From There.

The Worst Case Scenario & We Go From There.
Photo by Matthew Henry / Unsplash

Hi All,

Let's get serious because the terrorists are. There is some good reading on the topic, and we all are processing recent events differently, but let's all think about the worst-case scenario and better be safe than sorry because that is all we have.

I don't know about a lot of what I don't know, but what I do is the online world, and we are losing that war to Hamas and those who support them, and it's a lot of people. The terrorist attack of Hamas is now creating a wave of antisemitism.

"The pro-Palestine camp has succeeded in doing what neo-Nazis have failed to do, and that is to popularize the killing of Jews under the excuse of justice and liberation."

This is a very well-planned, funded, and executed propaganda and Dehumanization operation by multiple states like RussiaToday, Aljazeera, and narrative news jacked and distributed via BBC and other independent players. We all need to know what's going on, and what we should be doing, and how.

As the US prepares, let's prepare for the worst-case scenario and take every step to protect our families, communities, and tribes. We need to work on this until it is better because it is getting worse by the minute. The forces behind this are attacking the ground, indoctrinating universities, and terrorizing our streets and communities.

We need every person, every connection, every relationship, every moment to mitigate the massive digital disinformation campaign that Hamas and its affiliates use because the manipulation campaign against us is insane, and it's moving at the speed of light.

I am not sure, but we need to coordinate and start working on Social, Institutional, and Legal because, at this rate, we are weeks away from Pogroms. I am trying to keep up with what's happening, but I suggest the following. These are some of my ideas.

I have been thinking about this for a while, but I did not think it would happen this quickly and that we would go from the biggest terrorist attack in Israel's history to basically Intifada in a week. The streets, the school, online, nowhere is safe, and the Hamas, Progressive, Harvard trifecta is attacking us on all fronts.

First and foremost, we need to get connected so we can get the real news, share how we feel, and stay connected via Telegram, Twitter, Text, Substack. Get off Social Media and connect with everyone in other ways. After sharing a few videos, Facebook banned me from running ads and going live for 90 days and took away some other tools. Remember that we need to offset efforts of 100, maybe 10,000 people each, so we need to be our best.

Sharing Jewish content all day will piss off most people. They can't relate, and it will not change their minds and will drain you. The 100 friends who support you will support you, and right now is the time to reconnect with everyone.

We need to go after politicians, companies, schools, media, and so on, everyone who is creating danger for us. We need to coordinate, and we can use technology so we can amplify our efforts. We can have 100 people manage 1,000 social media accounts, and that can make an impact.

Many Jewish companies and groups are doing many things, but we are still losing a media war. Let's game theory this so we don't leave anything to chance, and we can prevent the next terrorist attack and get in front of this, especially with how important this is.

We want to create a lot of viral and engaging media, and get simple message across to many people without it being overwhelming. We will distribute the content via social media channels and measure engagement.

Who is trying to kill us? Iran, Hamas? How About