The Bizarre Case of BZ Benny Darko, the X Grifter Con Extraordinaire

The Bizarre Case of BZ Benny Darko, the X Grifter Con Extraordinaire

Lying is wrong, son, but if it serves a greater good, it's OK. Aldrich "Rick" Ames

The first time I heard him speak, I was very impressed. It was a fierce X (Twitter) Space on the Israel - Gaza conflict, and the Jihadis were having a field day, but Benjamin Zev disarmed them and completely changed the course and the flow of the conversation.

He skillfully, in a little awkward way, disarmed them from their digital Kalashnikovs and, while smoking a cigarette in a soft, soothing voice, would get the conversation back on track.

Sean has done an incredible investigation that you can see below, and while I am writing this, we have been on an X space discussing this. Click below to get a read on it, and then join us for the story of the year. For the last few months, as we witnessed Hamas atrocities and Israel going to war with Hamas, the frontlines from universities to streets and attractions being moved by the Palestinian mob starting on October 8, and the level of antisemitism and hate-driven everywhere.

Benjerman Zev made it to the pinnacle of his Twitter career less than a month ago on a Space that he co-hosted with Mario Nawfal with guests like Alex Jones, Elon Musk, Vivek Vimesravi, and Andrew Tate, just to name a few speakers. Over 150k people showed up live and the space got over 33 Million views.

"Man is not what he thinks he is, man is what he hides." - André Malraux

After appearing on the Evening news with Elon, Zev's mysterious reputation caught the attention of journalists. They began reaching out to people on X and asking questions. When they spoke to Sean and a few others, they started asking questions about Zev. However, Zev dismissed the rumors as crazy and disappeared.

This was not Zev's first rodeo. Once Sean learned of his name, he discovered that Zev was Darko Jovanovich, who had pretended to be a doctor to scam a family of a terminally ill girl, and that was just the beginning. You can read all about it here and stay tuned because this story is just getting started.