Squid NFT Game Time! You Have To Play for a Chance to Be Free just follow Me

Squid NFT Game Time! You Have To Play for a Chance to Be Free just follow Me

Welcome to Squid NFT Game Time! If you landed here, you are one of the lucky ones who will be able to learn about NFTs with the Squid Gang and we will explain some elements of NFTs using Squid Game to make it more digestible for you.

NFTs are like Squid Game Play Like Your Life Will Never Be the Same


Most of the people are Players who tend to make worse decisions, and  Guards who watch the players, enforce the players while also running an enterprise within the Game for financial gain.


You have the VIPs who pay to watch and bet millions for fun while people destroy each other just to get to the end and win.

You have the creator, the evil genius who is playing God and is driven by another set of motivations altogether.

And the game takes on a life of its own as unknown elements are introduced to the game.

How is this related to NFTs and why do people love Squid Gang and  NFTS is easy to see if you understand human nature and reality.

NFT is a game where few win, most lose, and could lose many ways and lose to other players, guards, and other malevolent actors, but you can learn few things and make friends that will show you the way, so you can win your freedom and significance and be more than ok.

NFT's are just a concept, it's a game where the rules are made up by the team, it's financed by VCs and Community, and made possible by the players who build value by attracting others to see the value and join the game.

At first, you think it's just crazy. Who and why would anyone pay millions for pixelated JPEG's that can be easily right-click saved, and used but it's just not the same. The Punks, Apes, and Poets have shown us how completely different concepts, teams, and values can create so much attention and money.

From the KISS model of Punks where they just made sure everyone whose voice matters in the GAME  has or wants one. Their first-mover advantage, and FOMO, status, and before you know you are dropping 150 ETH on a pixelated GIF.

BAYC APEs were another story altogether, and just like the Mighty Ducks on the 1986 US Olympic Hockey Team, they are making history. For APEs it's all about the Artmunity, using APEs to create derivatives and products to generate revenue and status clout that so important to the GAME.    

Lost Poets are a completely different world so intriguing and mysterious, so much thought and a completely different type of player, not just someone looking for a quick gain, and it’s too many parts to counts and playing makes you a winner as you can answer questions about yourself. To play Lost Poets you need to be brilliant, and wealthy enough to be able to enjoy it meaningfully, but you can watch and learn too the community is welcoming.

Bitclout the game I chose to play took all Ideas, concepts, theory’s and some of the top thinkers and Vcs of today like Naval, Chamath, Balajis, WhaleShark, Andy Artz , Alexis Ohanian and so many more. Just being in the room with anyone would be an honor and knowing very little about the NFT game.  

We went with a safe choice. The Bitclout team following Silly Valley ways just threw it all in, without really building the right tools and foundations to allow for a fair and equitable game. The Bonded curve was the black hole that I quickly learned mostly incentivized selfish behavior! It was the right place to learn, see and understand rules and lack of theirs in these games, and mobility of all players and guards who are usually acting for their own benefits and motives.

We live in a world that’s jaded and unjust so any fair or fairer game makes us excited, a game where we can improve our situation without stealing or scamming or lying or killing other players.

The game where we are not constantly insulted, assaulted, and degraded by guards who are usually not much different, but we’re just chosen by their circumstances. Some are blindly following, while others are playing their own game.

NFTs are about human interaction life and death situations! It’s just a game but if you understand the systems of selective pressures and incentives, and can get deep enough and catch momentum. Just a few good decisions like where to spend your capital and attention will lead to financial and moral freedoms and status that’s fundamental.

As children we learn to play games, we see unfair, unjust but we learn that’s it’s ok as long as we can use it to get ahead or getaway. Most people don’t get up in the morning to see how evil they can be most people just want to live and feel like you and me.

We give our lives to lies, learn things we don’t care about, do work that’s meaningless and boring, with hurt people that hurt people, while thinking they are Beeple.

NFTs will make some rich while others will lose their fortunes and their minds, but building new ways for us to play and coordinate can lead to amazing results for those who are willing to bring their soul and hard work. Just don’t get blinded by shiny Ether, and become a liar and a cheater. Will you become the guardian and heal?