🎂Sara Lee One Million Dollar Class Action Settlement

🎂Sara Lee One Million Dollar Class Action Settlement

According to the lawsuit allegations, consumers that purchased Sara Lee All Butter Pound Cake were misled and unaware that the product contained certain shortening ingredients.

The class action lawsuit argued that it was deceiving to consumers because they would "reasonably" expect upon reading the product label saying “All Butter” that the food would contain butter as its sole shortening ingredient. This is what the word "All" in "All Butter Pound Cake" would seem to imply, according to class action court documents.

You may be included in the Sara Lee Pound Cake Class Action Settlement if you:

✓ Purchased Sara Lee Products that contain the labeling “All Butter Pound Cake”;
✓ Purchased between April 27, 2017, and July 29, 2022;
✓ Purchased in the United States; and
✓ Purchased for personal use and not resale.

The estimated amount of payment you may get from this class action settlement depends on whether you have proof of purchase of the right Sara Lee products in the right time period:

• Up to $5 Per Household if you have no proof of purchase.
• Up to $20 Per Household if you do have proof of purchase such as receipts and statements.

Grayer v. Sara Lee Frozen Bakery, LLC

Submit a claim to qualify for a payout.

The administrator will review your submission upon receipt. You may only submit one claim and any duplicate claims will not be accepted. If you timely submit a valid Claim Form by October 11, 2022, you will be entitled to receive a payment representing a pro-rate share of the Net Settlement Fund after attorney and court fees. Submitting false information will render your Claim Form VOID.

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