Raisi will always be remembered as the Butcher of Tehran!

Raisi will always be remembered as the Butcher of Tehran!
There is no avoiding war; it can only be postponed to the advantage of others. Niccolo Machiavelli

The once untouchable tyrant meets a fate he often dealt to others.
Iranians celebrate the death of Ebrahim Raisi, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, who was killed in a helicopter crash.

Often referred to as the “Butcher of Tehran,” Raisi was a ruthless figure synonymous with terror, human rights abuses, and the execution of thousands of political prisoners. His death is karma at its finest, but for a mass murderer, this swift end may seem far too easy.


The news of Ebrahim Raisi's death in a helicopter crash has indeed sparked a range of reactions from both within Iran and around the world. Raisi, often referred to as the "Butcher of Tehran," was known for his role in the execution of thousands of political prisoners in the 1980s, a history that has made him a divisive figure both domestically and internationally.


Reactions to his death have been mixed. Some Iranians have expressed a sense of justice or karma, celebrating the demise of a figure associated with human rights abuses and terror. Others have used humor as a coping mechanism, with jokes and memes circulating on social media.

However, it's also important to note that Raisi's death comes at a time of heightened tension in the Middle East, and was probably just an accident.

Here is Young Raisi coldly conducting his 5 minutes trial as part of Tehran’s Death Committee. He slaughtered 10’s of thousands of his own people over the years.

Raisi's alleged involvement in these events has been a point of contention and criticism, with many human rights groups and activists highlighting his role in the mass executions. His actions during this period have been described as part of a broader crackdown on political dissent and opposition in Iran.

Justice was served against one of the world’s most evil terrorists. I hope it was not instantaneous.

Iranians on X are saying, "This is the call for revolution in Iran to overthrow the barbaric regime once and for all! Take the chance and use this opportunity to liberate our beloved country of Iran."

In the summer of 1988, some 30,000 innocent men and women were executed in a matter of weeks. Raisi was one of four members of the infamous death commission in Tehran. He insisted that “mercy for the enemy is naïve,” and urged the death commission during the #1988Massacre to “seek the satisfaction of God the Almighty” by showing “their revolutionary anger and hatred towards the enemies of Islam.”


Raisi directed and supervised the summary executions of thousands of political prisoners in Evin and Gohardasht prisons after a two or three-minute hearing. He has continued his role as Iran's henchman to this day, including directing the killing of 1,500 Iranian protesters in November 2019 and the murder of protesters in 2022.


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