Pumptober is here, what projects will change your life and your career.

Pumptober is here, what projects will change your life and your career.
Photo by Dan Farrell / Unsplash

And just like that, it's October, historically one of the best months in Crypto and NFT's.  We are excited about NFT.NYC and NFT Family coming to town, and working on organizing a meet up so make sure you don't miss it, sign up.

Meanwhile here are some of our favorite projects, that are making a lot of noise, and bringing out the Moon Boys.

CrypToadz by GREMPLIN dropped in the scene and shot to the moon.

Toadz came onto the scene in September, and with a community of over 20,000 and what started as .069 ETH quickly shot to 11 ETH floor. Only seven thousand items, and 3200 owners it has landed on the top three on OpenSea this week. CrypToadz are a collection 6969 small amphibious creatures trying to escape the tyrannical rule of the Evil King Gremplin. Created by Gremplin, with a small bit of help from his friends. The team says the project is in the public domain. Feel free to use the toadz in any way you want.

Winter Bears are a collection of 10,000 adorable and unique polar bear NFTs available on the Ethereum blockchain. Winter Bears NFTs will play a crucial role in an upcoming DAO: Art Club.

Looks like LEGO's and PudgyPenguin had kids and there we have the Winter Bears they are cute and unique.

Each Winter Bear is special, but some are even more special than the rest.

From Santa hats to sleeping eyes, all Winter Bears attributes have a different rarity score. The combination of features each bear has builds its' total rarity score and overall rarity tier.

Aurora tier is the rarest bear, showcasing the most unique features.

Our Favorite project we want to share this week is Lost Poets by PAK.

“Lost Poets” is Pak’s latest project and perhaps most mysterious project to date. Toted by its creator as a multi-stage “NFT collectible and a strategy game,” the first installment of the collection begins with the sale of “Pages,” a single, multi-edition NFT dropped September 3, at 12 pm EST.

This week there were more reveals and releases and introductions to FOMOVERSE

With headlined like $17 Million Realized in Sotheby’s First NFT Sale with Digital Creator Pak

Pak is an artist at the forefront of digital art and crypto media. An anonymous creator, Pak has been active in the world of digital art for over two decades, leveraging evolving technology to create boundary-pushing artwork. They are the founder and lead designer of the studio Undream and creator of Archillect, an AI built to discover and share stimulating visual media. In the burgeoning NFT space, Pak has established itself as a leader of striking artwork, novel token mechanisms, and evolving media.