Anti-Semitic Pro-Hamas Mob, including Marxist Greta Thunberg, protest against Israel at Eurovision

Anti-Semitic Pro-Hamas Mob, including Marxist Greta Thunberg, protest against Israel at Eurovision

Thousands of anti-Israel demonstrators filled the streets of a Swedish coastal city on Thursday — to protest the country’s participation in the Eurovision Song Contest, — which almost didn’t happen until Israel removed references to the Oct. 7 Hamas attack in its song entry.

Some people are asking why Greta is attending the huge anti-Israel protest ahead of the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö, Sweden today. The answer is that she was raised that way. This picture shows her & her parents wearing t-shirts of the militant far-left Antifa group.

Swedish Marxist activist Greta Thunberg was among up to 12,000 people who gathered in Malmo’s Stortorget square near the city’s town hall before marching toward the Eurovision venue, where singers from over 50 countries are competing.

A boisterous group of people waved Palestinian flags, wore keffiyeh scarves, and used smoke bombs in the colors of the flag - green, black, and red. They chanted slogans like "From the river to sea, Palestine will be free" and "Israel is a terror state". Police officers watched over the scene from rooftops, the streets, and even helicopters.

Protesters are expected to converge on Malmo, the host of the singing competition, again on Saturday during the finals. AP

The organizers of a certain event aimed to be non-political, so they prohibited Israel's initial song submission for violating their rule on political neutrality. The title of the song was "October Rain," which referred to an attack by Hamas on October 7 that claimed the lives of 1,200 Israelis, leading to Israel's counter-attack on Gaza. attack on Gaza.

But Israel’s President Isaac Herzog called on the songwriter to make changes so that the Jewish nation could compete, according to the BBC. The ballad is now called “Hurricane.”

Some of the lyrics that were changed include:

  • “Writers of history stand with me” to “Writer of my symphony play with me”
  • “Hours and hours and flowers/ Life is no game for the cowards” to “Hours and hours, empowers/ Life is no game but it’s ours”
  • “We got nothing to hide/ Take me home and leave the world behind/ And I promise you that never again/ I’m still wet from this October rain/ October rain” to “I got nothing to hide/ Take it all and leave the world behind/ Baby promise me you’ll hold me again/ I’m still broken from this hurricane/ This hurricane”
  • “There is no air to left to breathe/ There is no place/ I am gone day by day/ They are all good children, one by one” to “Don’t need big words, just prayers/ Even if it’s hard to see/ You always leave one single light” (both in Hebrew)

The “flowers” mentioned in the original lyrics represent war fatalities, according to Israel Hayom newspaper.

Audience members were heard booing Israel’s Eden Golan’s performance of the song during a dress rehearsal on Wednesday. But the 20-year-old Russian-Israeli singer placed in the 10 of 16 acts in Thursday’s semi-final, securing a spot in Saturday’s final competition.

Pro-Hamas Mobs are expected to take over the streets again during the final. One of Thursday’s protesters, Saadallah Aoudi — who is a Swedish citizen but has a Palestinian terrorist background — said Israel should not be participating in Eurovision as it bombs the Gaza Strip. “It’s about songs, and songs are about love. … They should be here when there is peace,” he said

Pro-Israel protesters held their own smaller demonstration Thursday in central Malmo as the country’s government warned its citizens that they could be targeted in the Swedish city while it hosted Eurovision.

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