🎮Parents file lawsuit against Epic Games for 'Fortnite' addiction

🎮Parents file lawsuit against Epic Games for 'Fortnite' addiction
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Three parents in Quebec have filed a lawsuit against Epic Games, the maker of the popular video game "Fortnite," claiming that the game is intentionally designed to be addictive and has caused their children to neglect their personal care.

The lawsuit, which has been granted class-action status, alleges that one child played over 7,700 hours of "Fortnite" in under two years, while another became angry when their parents attempted to limit their game time.

Justice Sylvain Lussier ruled that the lawsuit "does not appear frivolous or manifestly ill-founded," drawing a comparison to early whistleblowers on the dangers of cigarette addiction. The judge stated that, just as the harmful effects of tobacco were not initially recognized or admitted, the potential negative consequences of video game addiction may not be immediately apparent."

"The judge in the case ruled that there is a significant issue to be debated, citing specific allegations regarding the potential risks and dangers associated with playing "Fortnite." US-based Epic Games released "Fortnite" in 2017, and it has since gained over 350 million online players.

While "Fortnite" is free to play, players can spend real money on an in-game currency called "V Bucks" to purchase upgrades. The game has reportedly generated over $9 billion in revenue for Epic Games. The Post contacted Epic Games for comment, but the company has previously argued that video game addiction is not a recognized psychological disorder, according to the BBC.

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In 2018 the World Health Organization recognized that video games are addictive, the plaintiffs noted In court filings.

The Quebec judge ruled that anybody who has developed symptoms of addiction, including impediment to family, social, educational, or professional activities as a result of playing “Fortnite” since its debut is able to join the legal action.

Over 200 people have already come forward, according to the plaintiffs’ lawyer.

There is no dollar figure attached to the lawsuit. The court will determine potential compensation.

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