PaintBall Island The Real American Ninja Survivor

PaintBall Island The Real American Ninja Survivor
Photo by Carles Rabada / Unsplash

Once a year some of the best soldiers and mercenaries get together for a secret warlympics of team and solo exercises with huge cash prizes and lucrative deals.

The private Armys around the world are 245 Bijiliion a year business, and with license to kill and being in the most dangerous business, but since it's mostly business, the pseudonymity of the participants, and high stakes it's becoming not just fun to participate, but it is also a great spectacle. With the ability to see, feel and experience from player view, as well as from bunker view or team mates, and even enemy. The team behind the tech stack and about PaintBall island is top secret, and cyber security and propaganda are one of their top specialties and no one wants them as an enemy, especially with how important cyber and psychological tools and ability to identify patterns is essential for our long term goals. Don't look for stories, don't go down the rabbit holes of endless stories, reveals, drops, and anything that will make you question existing conspiracy theories with possibly even wilder ones. Don't look what you should see, and it's easy are few episodes of a couple of shows and docs. Guess what you are in luck.

What if I told you one farmer in Texas, who likes Whiskey and Yelk has more viewers than CNN, like the whole and all world subsidiaries network. One Farmer with an assistant, and Central News Network of the United States World.

Now what happens to carefully crafted and gated narratives when total obedience and control are imperative, and if you question anything that's done you become an enemy, canceled, removed, and done.

So what now, what do we do? How do we fight what is coming for me and you?

But the one that really takes the cake, because it is so made up and so fake take a look and see if it takes a cake.  May 8, 2018

We are exposed I already send the assignments to the assets, they going to get to clean up the mess and protect our greedy asses.

Metal sided building with Thank You painted on the side in blue paint.
Photo by Kevin Butz / Unsplash