No one is coming to save you, they are not coming at all

No one is coming to save you, they are not coming at all
Photo by Salmen Bejaoui / Unsplash

You have to go out and get it and fight for your place in the world. You have to work hard to build your circle, you have to make an effort to build your tribe, today most are conditioned to just swipe, click and lie. Most believe in their lies because we were conditioned and programmed.

Most believe in their lies because it's familiar and comforting. Most believe because they are in a rat race, and don't stop rest, think and chill. But there is no need to be upset we are lucky to have language, the ability to build models, and dreams! We are a miracle multiplied by a particle, amplified with magic.

Photo by Agnieszka Mordaunt / Unsplash

Sometimes we forget how amazing things are because life sometimes makes things tragic. This weekend I spent with my friends Lex Fridman and Joscha Bach and even though they don't know I exist, we are in luck. I felt much better than wasting time with people who have an empty soul and just fighting for more imaginary control.  

Joscha and Lex have desires and curiosity to explore, not to just hoard more. I don't have any recommendations for you other than watch, write, create and do. Progress no matter how slow will get you places you need to go. Thank you for coming to my Ted talk, now please be more human and less woke.

Take time to close your eyes and meditate, just quiet for 10 minutes in the loud scary world. Just go inside and breathe, just love yourself no matter how hard it is.

Photo by sydney Rae / Unsplash