New York Under Attack, and We Can't Rest Till We Have The City Back

New York Under Attack, and We Can't Rest Till We Have The City Back
Photo by Colton Duke / Unsplash

At 9:40 Am on January, 2024 when Hamas NYC stopped traffic at 3 main New York bridges and a Major Tunnel, and shut down traffic for over 2 hours. This could have have been the beginning of the next Fast & Furious, or the new Die Hard. The acts of shutting down roads in a major protest were secretly coordinated by radicals — and are a dramatic escalation of their tactics, experts tell The Post.

According to NY Post reporting and reports on X, At least six radical anti-Israel groups were behind the rush-hour protests, which stranded commuters on the Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Williamsburg Bridges and the Holland Tunnel. With hundreds of radicals, there were hundreds of supporters and " citizen actists-reporters" who were also looking for the biggest viral shots.

The six groups know to have taken part in what they called “an autonomous collective” were Palestinian Youth Movement; Democratic Socialists of America, New York branch; Writers Against War On Gaza; Jewish Voice for Peace; Al-Awda; and Critical Resistance.

Justin Finkelstein, an analyst with the Center on Extremism at the Anti-Defamation League, said it was evidence of secret backchannels between the groups and told The Post: “I this is the most disruptive that I’ve seen.

A police officer leads two protesters off the Brooklyn Bridge, both have faces obscured.
Protesters at the bridges and tunnel almost all attempted to hide their identities with masks, and in some cases traditional Palestinian keffiyehs. Police arrested more than 300 in total. Steven Hirsch

Between each other, the Gangs boast ties not just to AOC and Susan Sarandon but to “Angels in America” playwright Tony Kushner, Professors in elite colleges including Yale, Brown, and UCLA — and have received funding from the Ben & Jerry’s Foundation, a Rockefeller family foundation and the charitable arm of investment company Charles Schwab.

JVP claims more than 300,000 supporters, has 1 million followers on X, formerly known as Twitter, and maintains chapters on many U.S. college campuses. Its Columbia University chapter was suspended in November for allegedly violating university policies on holding campus events.

The Anti-Defamation League has called JVP as “a radical anti-Israel and anti-Zionist activist group that advocates for the boycott of Israel and eradication of Zionism.”

In its 2021 federal tax returns, JVP reported revenue of nearly $2.9 million; it says the vast bulk of its income is from individual contributions.

And he warned more attempts to interrupt ordinary people’s lives are on the way and said: “Anything that gets them visibility is something they might consider.”

The groups jointly bragged that blocking traffic out of Manhattan across the Brooklyn, Manhattan Williamsburg Bridges, and the Holland Tunnel would create similar conditions to life in the Gaza Strip; most are clueless about the conflict and the reality on the ground and are daily pumped by misleading propaganda.

NYPD and Port Authority cops arrested 334 protesters, almost all of whom had concealed their identities with masks and some of traditional Palestinian keffiyehs. Some encased their hands in concrete-filled tires to make officers’ jobs even more difficult.

In a statement, actress-turned-activist Sarandon, said she was “taking part in escalating action to bring a stop to the ongoing genocide in Gaza which we know is being funded by our US tax dollars.”

She added: “Seeing coordination at this scale, to disrupt business as usual, makes me believe that people have the power to take on the US war machine. When it comes to pressuring our representative, we don’t have APAC’s blood money, but we have people. Permanent Ceasefire Now.” Susas does not realize that she and her goons, and many others participating in this, are testing and exposing weakness in our first responded systems and practices.

If this would not be thousands of spoiled cry bullies indoctrinated by Marxist ideas and intellectuals being used as really useful idiots, but just a tiny group of PLO or Hamas terrorists, like those who invaded Israel on October 8th, It could have been 1000 if not more victims, and destruction.

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