Mostly peaceful” Palestinian siege of Hamilton Hall in Columbia.

Mostly peaceful” Palestinian siege of Hamilton Hall in Columbia.

When the 2 PM deadline to vacate occupied Columbia lawn passed, we knew it was not going to be peaceful. While the press and supporters showed up, we were ready for escalation from the Hamasnicks on Campus, especially after Nardeen's call for Jihad. The Media terrorists hijacked real protests and tried to tell a massive lie about how this is about stopping war.

The protests at Columbia have been a hotbed of activity, with students and other activists calling for the university to divest from companies that they believe support the military actions in Gaza. In reality, this is just a Marxist revolution and has spread across the country, with chaos and encampment taking place at dozens of campuses. The puppet masters are using the ignorant, emotional students to create a movement reminiscent of the Vietnam War-era protests.

The current wave of protests was sparked by the decision of Columbia University’s president, Nemat “Minouche” Shafik, to call in the New York Police Department to clear pro-Hamas protesters from the campus.

This action led to a significant increase in violent activism nationwide, with similar protests emerging at other universities in New York City and beyond. The protesters have set up " Occupy" encampments on Columbia's campus, advocating for financial disclosure and divestment from all companies tied to Israel and calling for a permanent cease-fire in Gaza.

Last night, a mob of Hamasnicks and Anarchists breached Columbia University and seized the historic Hamilton Hall, smashing windows, unfurling an intifada banner, and refusing to leave. This action was part of larger Hamas actions against the university's ties to Israel, with demands for divestment from companies associated with Israel and broader calls for social justice and community involvement.

This has gone way beyond an expression of free speech or right to protest, or legitimate criticism of the way Israel’s government is waging the war on Hamas. I’ve heard a lot of BS spouted since these protests started about how most of the students taking part are entirely peaceful in their intent, etc. But as we saw overnight, that is nonsense.

For days now, the Columbia demonstrators have been chanting, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!” and “There is only one solution — intifada revolution!” Neither of those phrases is ambiguous or remotely peaceful. The “From the river to the sea” chant alludes to the land between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, where, of course, Israel sits.

"To a Jewish listener, the phrase can be interpreted as a violent call to eliminate Israel from the map, which is the expressed goal of Hamas. And when it comes to the term 'intifada', it is widely understood, particularly by those with even a basic understanding of Middle East history, as a period of widespread Palestinian uprising against Israel."

It was shocking to witness how the pressure from social media and peers had an immediate impact, and how the fear of not showing enough "care" in the agreed way was very real. I believe this is one of the factors contributing to what we are currently seeing at Columbia University and other universities in the US. However, what shocks me the most is the complete failure of these protesters' parents to instill some common sense and discipline in their children. Evil thrives when good parents do nothing.

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The protests spread across college campuses, capturing media attention and dominating internet headlines. Just when we think it can not get any worse, it does. What is even worse is the gigantic amounts of vile propaganda that follow any event or incident and the complete lack of a centralized system to address it. Due to the prevailing lies, our children and grandchildren cannot attend school safely, and anyone who challenges these lies is also attacked. We must take steps to protect our community online and across the internet. Fortunately, we have the support of some lawmakers and allies who work with us to address this issue. It is important to share these stories to gain support and counter the spread of misinformation. Considering that most people have limited attention spans regarding topics outside their immediate sphere, we must keep our messages brief and straightforward. We are currently on the brink of further escalations, especially on US soil. We need to inform the public and stop the Marxist virus. Help Us Make It Happen!

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