Monday Day Lights the Columbia Jihad University Fight

Monday Day Lights the Columbia Jihad University Fight

Columbia President gave the "Occupied" mob a 2 PM deadline to clear campus, but with visits from both Marxist AOC and Ilhan Omar, the brainwashed students feel like they are fighting for something good when, in reality, they are just providing" manufactured consent" and amplifying gain of function propaganda of Muslim Brotherhood.

Earlier this morning, Columbia University informed the student body that they plan to take disciplinary action against students involved in the protest camp. In response, students taped the disciplinary notice papers on the ground and wrote: "shame on Columbia." Despite these events, our morale remains high, and our commitment to fighting for divestment remains unwavering.


One student wrote " All the commie teachers are first in line for jail at Columbia. Word has it that many teachers will be fired within the next 24 hours. Columbia University, where a Gaza Solidarity Encampment has been protesting for divestment from made up "Israel’s genocide" for nearly two weeks is now under threat following a 2 pm demand to clear the encampment.

The Anti-Israel Occupy Gaza protests are taking place in over 50 colleges.

Jewish Voice for Peace is more like Jihad Violence and Propaganda.
In the realm of Middle Eastern politics, a group called Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) has been generating significant attention. This organization has been creating controversy with its stance on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and disruptive demonstrations that have blocked bridges, travel hubs, monuments, and even Christmas tree-lighting events. How Jewish

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The protests spread across college campuses, capturing media attention and dominating internet headlines. Just when we think it can not get any worse, it does. What is even worse is the gigantic amounts of vile propaganda that follow any event or incident and the complete lack of a centralized system to address it. Due to the prevailing lies, our children and grandchildren cannot attend school safely, and anyone who challenges these lies is also attacked. We must take steps to protect our community online and across the internet. Fortunately, we have the support of some lawmakers and allies who work with us to address this issue. It is important to share these stories to gain support and counter the spread of misinformation. Considering that most people have limited attention spans regarding topics outside their immediate sphere, we must keep our messages brief and straightforward. We are currently on the brink of further escalations, especially on US soil. We need to inform the public and stop the Marxist virus. Help Us Make It Happen!

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