Let's Get This BitClout Party Started

BitClout..Miami ...June, 03,2021 ...

As Millions of BitClouters were assending over Miami, Artz little helpers were back at BitYami working on the plan how to grow users, engagement, and how to save the peopel from the creators. Traders from scammers, newbies from rug pullers, and everyone from gready corporate rullers. Here is what went down on BitClout if you have something to add sign up here and get loud.

MeMes welcomed All in Miami but this one of the kind Beeple, it will be selling on OpenSea next month. Make sure you grab yours.

DiamondHands Dropped A Bomb Listing Coming and we good with premine.

In preparation for BitClout's first exchange listing, I'm thrilled to announce the most deflationary event in BitClout history.BitClout's supply will be fixed forever at block 33,783 (Saturday June 12th). We call this the Deflation Bomb.

Also this week we had a big reveal. Today, we're taking an unprecedented leap forward for mainstream crypto adoption:

  • BitClout signup is now one-click, no seed phrase needed.
  • You can buy BitClout with USD.
    This is it. Joining BitClout is now as easy as joining Instagram (actually, it's even easier).

For every person who understands seed phrases and owns Bitcoin, there are 10,000+ people who don't.

Until today, that 99.99% of people would never use BitClout because it's "too hard" to sign up.

And the fear of seed phrases and Bitcoin goes even deeper. Common things we've heard:

I was getting all my friends to join BitClout but then I stopped because signup was too hard.

I love BitClout, but my followers will never understand seed phrases or Bitcoin.

Not anymore.

With a signup flow that is as easy as Instagram, BitClout can finally ascend from being a niche app to being the mainstream gateway into crypto we all want it to be.

There is so much more to do, but we think this is a huge unlock for the BitClout ecosystem, and crypto overall.

Pamela Anderson being an awesome BitClouter and Mom, made a joke about The "Deflation Bomb".

The "Deflation Bomb".

ASG and @bitstoday CloutNapped Artz but he will be OK he needs a lot of food for hard talks with Creators he disteaked just before


Artz in tomahawk mode. 🥩

When you come back from your Good Time Dont Forget CryptoBarbie


Raj is taking a Break Having a Great Time with Mario and Gabbi Today

When Scammers Rug Pull, Investors and Platform Gets Hurt
When Raj Lahoti  Rug Pulls It's Fun, Excitement, and Engagement for all
What about VCs and Jenny Block, Social Network, or Swimming With Sharks?
We all could do better and learn from each other, but we are not even one, and we are just becoming blockchain sisters and brothers!

The ultimate selfie @artz @craig @reade (aka @theclown ) and .@ourielohayon


Today’s the big day. I’ll be looking to meet some new creators to invest in, so make sure you come up and say hello 💎👋

Case Study from CloutCast

The CloutCast Team created a $50 paid promo that @artz ran.

From the moment he claimed his payout, our company received $20,259 in coin purchases.

Let that sink in.

We put $50 in. We got $20,259 in value out.

Check out the full blog here: notion.so/Sponsored-Post-ROI-Case-Study-630c16f2455142ef937910ea64289e51

When your site is down but you’re at @cloutcon- @smartalec gets busy!

With @nvo @asg @jasondevlin

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