Kalabrya Haskins Pursues Justice: 14 Defendants Named in NFL Star Dwayne Haskins' Death Lawsuit

Kalabrya Haskins Pursues Justice: 14 Defendants Named in NFL Star Dwayne Haskins' Death Lawsuit
Dwayne Haskins was selected No. 15 overall by Washington in the 2019 NFL Draft. Getty Images

Former NFL quarterback Dwayne Haskins was struck and killed by a dump truck last year.
Former NFL quarterback Dwayne Haskins was struck and killed by a dump truck last year. Getty Images

It has been one year since the tragic passing of Dwayne Haskins, a promising young football player whose life was cut short in a horrifying crash on a Florida highway. In a recent development, his wife, Kalabrya Haskins, has decided to seek justice for her husband's untimely death. Through her attorney, Kalabrya announced on Monday that she has filed a lawsuit against 14 people or entities that she claims contributed to the fatal accident.

A dump truck seen at the site of the accident where Dwayne Haskins was struck and killed on I-595 in Florida on April 9, 2022.

The lawsuit alleges negligence on multiple fronts, accusing various parties of playing a role in the events leading up to Dwayne Haskins' death. The defendants in the case include the dump truck driver that struck Haskins, the state government entity responsible for maintaining the roadway, the company that provided his rental car, and the nightclub he attended hours before the crash, among others.

In a shocking twist, the lawsuit also accuses four individuals of deliberately drugging Haskins "to blackmail and rob him" in the leadup to the crash. However, at this time, the suit does not provide further details or evidence to support these claims.

Dwayne Haskins was a talented athlete whose career was on an upward trajectory before his life was tragically cut short. He had been building a promising future both on and off the field. His sudden passing sent shockwaves throughout the football community, leaving fans, friends, and family to mourn his loss.

As this lawsuit unfolds, it is expected to cast a spotlight on the circumstances surrounding his tragic death. The outcome of the case may impact his legacy, as well as the way in which similar incidents are addressed and prevented in the future.

While no legal action can bring Dwayne Haskins back, this lawsuit may provide some closure for his grieving wife and family. By holding those allegedly responsible accountable, Kalabrya Haskins hopes to honor her husband's memory and seek justice for his untimely death. As more details about the lawsuit and the defendant's responses become available, we will continue to follow this story closely and provide updates.

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