One simple trick to get into Global feed and get followers?

Global Feed the klondike of attention, and everyone wants to have their posts land in Global to be exposed to new users and investments. Today we look at a few ways to get into Global, and some of our findings.

Right now we belive the posts are manually selected by a developemnt team, and we see a lot of people

  1. Provide value. The post is not for you, it is for others so I suggest unless you are Pamela Anderson who has beena  huge hit on the platform. Think about what you can share that someone that never met you before would want to know more. Here is an example of a post that made it into my Global Feed
  1. Share something interesting and ask a question. Who does not like to be a part of a conversation. Here is an example of a post  format that works well . This one did not land into global but this format seems to work well, I might have overdone it with the photo.

Be Authentic - Right now everyone on the platform are Silicon Valley investors and developers. It's Bitcoin and Etherium enthusiast and tech  early adapters, and Clubhouse fanatics so it's important you don't try to hard. The people here now are some of the smartest I seen anywhere, and they see throught the bs.

Please be thoughful of your fellow BitClouters, don't be stingy and share likes and reclouts on posts and people that you support and like, and stay tuned for more tips.