How the HamarXists are using media to hijack public opinion.

How the HamarXists are using media to hijack public opinion.

Within Our Lifetime (WOL) is a radical New York-based organization that was founded in 2015. It started as  Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP NYC) until 2019, and it is committed to the destruction of Israel


The WOL NAKBA 76 Mob

WOL is a radical anti-Israel organization that promotes Palestinian resistance through violence and the destruction of the state of Israel. It incites violence against Jews and supporters of Israel. It frequently expresses support for acts of terror committed by U.S.-designated groups like Hamas and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). Additionally, WOL endorses the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement, a global campaign aimed at isolating Israel economically and politically.

Right now, WOL's vile leader, Nardeen Kiswani, is doing a press conference on NYPD "violence" in Bay Ridge during her NAKBA 76 rally. A carefully crafted statement that was probably created by her superiors from CAIR, which is unofficially a legal arm of the Muslim Brotherhood and all their affiliated organization. Kate Smith is not too far behind with her statements on the NYPD bad train.

They even got a takon Anti-Zionist Jew who will tell you his sad story that Ketie Hamarxist helped to create. They have lots of experience, and this footage is the main reason why they terrorize people around the clock with their Free Free Palestine.

Another instigator, anarchist, career grifter, and terrorist-activist), Talia Jane, is also the "voice" of the poor Free Free Palestine movement, making up lies and spreading misinformation, and driving this dangerous narrative while we are losing 200 NYPD officers each month. This is an incident in which some of the "Press" people like Kate Smith actually cut their feed for 8 seconds and went to black.

Twitter user Strxwnxn here debunking what happened.

This is just one example of how the activist press is using media to distort reality, and create a false narrative it's one of the pollars of creating choas to change the structure of the goverment and instal Sharia law.

The violence unfolded after a mob of more than 1,000 protesters tried to descend on the Metropolitan Museum of Art as part of a “Day of Rage” protest

Within Our Lifetime, which is spearheaded by CUNY Law graduate Nerdeen Kiswani, is the same organization that shut down the Brooklyn Bridge last month as hundreds of protesters, including some chanting, “Death to America!,” stormed across.

They also descended on CUNY’s Harlem campus last week in a night of unrest that saw a slew of protesters cuffed and hauled away.

Jeffrey Lax, CUNY professor of law and director of Students, Alumni, and Faculty for Equality on Campus — known as S.A.F.E. Campus — told the NY Post:

“But I can say that all New Yorkers and all Americans should be concerned by this group and similar groups,” “Within Our Lifetime has had, in the very recent past, a long history already of blocking highways, blocking public roads, blocking public public transportation, like trains and buses.

I mean, it’s obvious if you look at their tactics, if you look at what they’re doing, all they’re trying to do is destroy American infrastructure to destroy America,” he added.

“Any American, any New Yorker, certainly who’s in that area on that day should certainly be concerned and take precautions — absolutely. I don’t think this is a Jewish thing. I do think they’re antisemitic. This is not just that. This is an anti-American thing. And that’s what it’s always been. Jews are just the low-hanging fruit.”

Anti-Israel protesters beat man, steal Star of David headscarf near Met Gala: video
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