Hidden in plain sight, "Jericho Wall"

Hidden in plain sight, "Jericho Wall"

"V" a senior analyst at 8200 elite IDF intelegence unit was very proud of her work. She spent days of her vacation, double-checking data, crossing t's and dotting i's. She wanted it to be false, but what she was looking it and all the data her team compiled, it looked like Hamas was getting ready to do something. She was presenting to her commander and other ofifcers at a monthly meeting as was really excited.

During the monthly meeting with Ofir and the team V was excited to share her 40 page report, with some chatter, weekly training built in a model of local kibutz, the paragliders and all, but others dismissed it as silly and impossible. V tried to warn the superiors but they just would not listen.

In a chilling revelation, The New York Times reported that Israel's military possessed advance knowledge of Hamas' sinister plan to launch a devastating attack on Israeli soil over a year before the fateful October 7 operation that claimed hundreds of lives. Codenamed "Jericho Wall," a 40-page battle plan outlining a hypothetical Hamas assault on southern Israeli communities was in the possession of Israeli officials.

Every detail, and risk carefully presented, with every details and nuense. The document, which detailed a meticulously crafted strategy, predicted a multi-pronged attack involving rocket bombardments, the use of drones to disable Israel's security and surveillance systems, and the takeover of southern communities and military bases. Shockingly, the Oct. 7 attack mirrored the details outlined in the battle plan, resulting in 1,200 casualties and the abduction of 240 individuals taken to Gaza.

The Times report suggests that top Israeli commanders were either dismissive or negligent in responding to the warnings contained in the "Jericho Wall" document. Israeli military and intelligence officials reportedly had access to the information, though it remains unclear if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu or other high-ranking leaders were aware of its contents.

The Israeli military, currently focused on eliminating the threat from Hamas, declined to comment on the report, promising an investigation into these matters at a later stage. The document had been translated, indicating the possibility of interception from Hamas in Arabic.

Public outrage has intensified as it becomes apparent that the attack was not only planned but also showcased by Hamas on social media a month prior. In a video, militants were seen using explosives to breach a replica of the border gate, sweeping in on pickup trucks, and maneuvering through a reconstructed Israeli town – a chilling precursor to the actual events on Oct. 7.

Adding to the dismay, reports suggest that warnings from female border spotters, who observed Hamas' preparations for the attack, were dismissed by military officials. The women reported sightings of Hamas drones and attempts to disable Israeli border cameras in the months leading up to the assault.


Prime Minister Netanyahu, while stopping short of apologizing for the attack, has faced criticism for intelligence failures leading to the deadliest day in Israeli history. As the investigation unfolds, questions about accountability and the military's response to clear warnings hang in the balance, painting a gripping narrative reminiscent of thriller.

The echoes of "Jericho Wall" will likely reverberate through the corridors of power, demanding answers and accountability in the aftermath of this tragic event.

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