💱Have a complaint against Coinbase? Get Compensation Now!

💱Have a complaint against Coinbase? Get Compensation Now!

Do you have a complaint against Coinbase? 

It’s a serious issue, a Coinbase customer service hasn’t solved your problem.

Maybe you want compensation for overcharges, collections issues, fraudulent sales tactics, or negative impact to your credit report. Maybe you just want Coinbase to admit they’re in the wrong and start treating you fairly. Either way, you’re looking to take action on your Coinbase complaint.

The question is this: How can you make Coinbase hear your complaint? Can you sue Coinbase? What sort of compensation do customers get from Coinbase to settle their complaints?

The first thing to know is that your Coinbase contract probably limits your options for legal complaints against Coinbase. You generally have two options:

  1. Take your Coinbase complaint to Small Claims Court
  2. Take your Coinbase complaint to Consumer Arbitration

FairShake can help you file a claim against companies like Coinbase. We’ll take your complaint through the legal process of consumer arbitration. This usually gets the company to negotiate. For a list of companies we process complaints against, start here.

Here’s some information from the American Arbitration Association (AAA) about how recent complaints against Coinbase have been resolved:


In 2018, 18 resolved complaints against Coinbase went through the binding arbitration process.

Among the 18 complaints, 8 complaints resulted in a settlement. That’s 44% of complaints.

Although settlement amounts are kept secret, the average complaint against Coinbase asked for $11,038 in compensation
At least 3 customers received non-monetary relief for their Coinbase complaints.
Arbitration complaints against Coinbase took an average of 4 months to resolve.
The arbitration complaint process against Coinbase costs money, but the company is usually responsible for costs. Coinbase paid $550 in fees per complaint on average.
100% of consumers paid nothing in fees for their complaints against Coinbase that went through the American Arbitration Association.
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Start your FairShake claim in under 10 minutes. Claim compensation from companies like AT&T, PayPal, Uber and more through an official legal process.

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Start Your Claim in Under 10 Minutes — Free to Submit
Start your FairShake claim in under 10 minutes. Claim compensation from companies like AT&T, PayPal, Uber and more through an official legal process.
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