Slutty Vegan Restaurant in Brooklyn: Employees Suffer Wage Injustice

Slutty Vegan Restaurant in Brooklyn: Employees Suffer Wage Injustice
Image: Slutty Vegan ATL / Facebook

As moms, we want the best for our families, including ensuring we provide them with healthy and delicious food options. That's why many of us have turned to plant-based alternatives, like the popular Slutty Vegan restaurant in Brooklyn. However, recent allegations against the company have left a sour taste in our mouths, and it's time we talk about it.

The Slutty Vegan, a trendy plant-based burger joint in Brooklyn, has recently been sued by three employees who claim that they were denied bonuses and overtime pay amounting to at least $8,000. This is particularly shocking considering the company's valuation of $100 million, and it begs the question: how can a company so wealthy exploit its workers like this?

This isn't the first time the founder and CEO, Pinky Cole, has faced such accusations. Just three months ago, she and two partners were sued by workers at Bar Vegan, another restaurant she owns in Atlanta, alleging that they withheld tips and failed to meet minimum wage standards. It's disheartening to see a company we've grown to love and trust, backed by industry giant Danny Meyer of Shake Shack fame, embroiled in such controversy.

Slutty Vegan
The company’s founder also faced an unpaid wages lawsuit in January. Stefano Giovannini for NY Post

The lawsuit filed in Brooklyn federal court on April 4 accuses The Slutty Vegan of committing "intentional, willful, and unlawful acts," causing the workers—who cooked and cleaned at the restaurant—to suffer "damages in an amount not presently ascertainable." As mothers and consumers, we can't stand idly by while this injustice continues.

It's crucial that we hold companies accountable for their actions, especially those who take advantage of hardworking individuals. While it's essential to support businesses that align with our values, we must also demand transparency and fair treatment of all employees.

Burger and fries
Slutty Vegan sells vegan takes on burgers and cheese steaks. Stefano Giovannini for NY Post

As moms, we have the power to make a difference with our choices. In light of these allegations, let's reconsider supporting The Slutty Vegan and other businesses that mistreat their employees. We can find alternative plant-based restaurants that provide delicious and healthy options for our families and treat their workers with respect and dignity.

Let's use our collective power as moms to fight for justice and support businesses that truly embody our values. We have the power to make a change and create a better world for our families and communities.

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