Ford's 10-Speed Transmission system is sparking another class-action lawsuit.

The latest lawsuit filed in Massachusetts includes complaints for the Ford models, including the Ranger and F-150 pickups, the Expedition, the Mustang, and the Lincoln Navigator

Ford's 10-Speed Transmission system is sparking another class-action lawsuit.
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Ford Motor Company F-series has been a top-selling vehicle in America for over forty years, but numerous recalls, complaints, and transmission issues blemish its record.

Ford has grappled with persistent transmission problems in several models in the last ten years. These issues have given rise to class action lawsuits and global recalls of vehicles with the 10R80 or 10-speed transmission systems.

In April 2023, a class action lawsuit was filed against Ford concerning the 10R80 transmission system used in at least five of their models. The lawsuit alleges that these vehicles experience jerking, harsh shifting, lunging, clunking, hesitation, and sudden loss of power. It further claims that these transmission problems pose a life-threatening safety issue and that Ford allegedly concealed defects in the 10R80 10-speed transmission system.

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And this isn't the only lawsuit Ford is facing over the 10R80.

Several other class action lawsuits have been filed, all revolving around safety concerns with the 10R80 transmission. Despite being aware of these safety issues, Ford allegedly sold vehicles equipped with this transmission without issuing a full recall.

Significant lawsuits like Marino et al. v. Ford Motor Company and Orndorff et al. v. Ford Motor Company underline the seriousness of the situation. In both cases, the plaintiffs experienced loud noises and power loss due to transmission issues shortly after purchasing their Ford F-150s.

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Some of these lawsuits have been partially dismissed, such as the case in the Illinois Supreme Court. However, other lawsuits in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania are still pending, and settlements are still possible.

Over the years, Ford has issued various recalls for the 10-Speed Transmission system and released several Technical Service Bulletins to Ford dealerships to address the problem. However, drivers claim that these recalls have not resulted in permanent fixes.

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The 10R80 transmission is included in several models from 2017 onwards, including the Ford Expedition, Mustang, Ranger, F-150, and Lincoln Navigator. Despite ongoing issues, Ford asserts that it has been addressing these problems but seems to be struggling to find a complete solution.

So, what should you do if you have Ford transmission problems? Suppose you've had to take your Ford vehicle in for repeated repairs under warranty. In that case, your vehicle may be considered a "lemon," and you could be eligible for a refund or cash compensation and the payment of your attorney’s fees and costs.

While joining a class-action lawsuit is an option, it may not guarantee compensation for all the issues your vehicle has experienced because these lawsuits address collective issues rather than individual ones. A more effective approach may be to file an individual lemon law claim and opt out of a class action.

These models include the Ford 10R80 Transmission.

  • 2017 to present Ford F-150
  • 2017 to present Ford Mustang
  • 2017 to present Ford Ranger
  • 2017 to present Lincoln Navigator
  • 2017 to present Ford Expedition
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The safety of you and your loved ones is paramount, and no one should have to tolerate a vehicle with potentially dangerous defects. Consider taking action if you own a Ford vehicle with these transmission issues. Seek legal advice, file a lemon law claim if applicable, and stand up for your rights as a consumer. Your action could bring about a resolution for you and contribute to a broader change in ensuring vehicle safety and manufacturer accountability.

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