Flashy Brooklyn Bishop Lamor Whitehead Sued for $5 Million in Congregation Dispute

Flashy Brooklyn Bishop Lamor Whitehead Sued for $5 Million in Congregation Dispute
Photo by Edwin Andrade / Unsplash

Controversy continues to surround Bishop Lamor Whitehead, a well-known figure in Brooklyn for his extravagant lifestyle, as he is now being sued for $5 million by the Glory of God Global Ministry. The ongoing dispute involves accusations of Whitehead attempting to kick the congregation out of their house of worship, leading to a heated legal battle over the property at 5904 Foster Avenue in Canarsie.

Bishop Lamor Whitehead, 44, is a polarizing figure in the religious community, known for his flashy lifestyle, which includes driving a Rolls-Royce and wearing luxurious jewelry and Gucci suits. Whitehead's opulent lifestyle has drawn attention, but his recent actions involving the Glory of God Global Ministry have sparked legal troubles.

Lamor Whitehead during a sermon.
Lamor Whitehead was sued by another congregation for $5 million in a property dispute. Gregory P. Mango

The issue began when Whitehead purchased the building housing the Glory of God Global Ministry at a foreclosure auction for $1.94 million in February 2022. He then allegedly changed the locks of the building, barring hundreds of congregation members from attending Sunday services just weeks before Christmas. This action led to a separate housing court case in which a judge ruled in favor of the Glory of God Ministry, granting them access to their building.

Lamor Whitehead
The flashy Brooklyn bishop allegedly illegally evicted congregants in December. Instagram/iambishopwhitehead

The Glory of God Global Ministry has taken the issue to the Brooklyn Supreme Court, suing Bishop Whitehead for $5 million on the grounds of breach of contract. The lawsuit demands that Whitehead relinquish ownership of the property and be permanently barred from claiming any rights to the building. The congregation maintains that they never handed over the building to Whitehead and that he took possession of it without a proper court order.

The legal dispute between Bishop Lamor Whitehead and the Glory of God Global Ministry highlights the tensions that can arise when religious and property rights intersect. As the case unfolds, it remains to be seen how the court will rule and whether Whitehead will ultimately be held liable for the alleged breach of contract and forced to relinquish the property.

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