Feds take down a Glamorous Miami real estate influencer, busted for buying Bentley, cosmetic surgery with $381K in COVID relief funds

Feds take down a Glamorous Miami real estate influencer, busted for buying Bentley, cosmetic surgery with $381K in COVID relief funds
Daniela Rendon allegedly used $381,000 in COVID relief funds on a 2021 Bentley Bentayga, a luxury apartment and cosmetic procedures.Instagram/Daniela Rendon

In a shocking turn of events, Miami real estate broker and influencer Daniela Rendon has been accused of misappropriating $381,000 in COVID-19 relief funds. Instead of using these funds to support employees during the pandemic, Rendon allegedly spent the money on a lavish lifestyle, including a Bentley, cosmetic procedures, and a luxury apartment.

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Rendon, 31, received the funds through the Small Business Administration and Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), as reported by the US Attorney for the Southern District of Florida. However, instead of helping her business weather the storm, she chose to squander the funds for personal gain. Among her extravagant purchases were a 2021 Bentley Bentayga, a posh Biscayne Bay apartment, and cosmetic work. She even used some of the taxpayer money to refurbish a pair of designer shoes.

Daniela Rendon
Rendon allegedly falsified revenue and employee data to obtain the funds.Instagram/Daniela Rendon

Rendon's social media pages, which have since been set to private following her arrest, showcased her lavish lifestyle in Miami and beyond. This deception caught the attention of federal authorities, who arrested her and charged her with fraud. During her arraignment, prosecutors argued that Rendon was a flight risk to her native Colombia, a claim her attorney denied, according to the Miami Herald. A judge set her bond at $150,000, and Rendon, a mother of three, now faces the daunting task of defending herself against these charges.

Rendon allegedly falsified documents related to her real estate business to secure the PPP funds. These fabrications included inflating her annual revenue, payroll, costs of products, IRS tax information, and the number of employees. She submitted these falsified reports to lenders in New Jersey and Idaho, as the Miami Herald reported.

Rendon faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted. Instagram/Daniela Rendon

Self-described as an "Ultra Luxury" real estate agent on LinkedIn, Rendon is accused of intercepting the loan payments and routing them to herself and those in her inner circle. The fallout from this scandal has undoubtedly tarnished her reputation. It serves as a cautionary tale for others tempted by the allure of easy money and the false promise of a glamorous lifestyle.

As the legal proceedings continue, the story of Daniela Rendon's misuse of COVID-19 relief funds acts as a stark reminder of the importance of integrity and the consequences of greed. The pandemic has challenged the entire world, and while many have suffered, it is crucial to remember that exploiting government aid for personal gain is morally reprehensible and punishable by law.

The $813 billion government relief program was frequently misused by fraudsters who pocketed the cash. A Florida pastor and his son were arrested in December for using funds from a PPP loan meant for their church to buy a luxury $3.7 million mansion on Disney World property.

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