🏋️‍♂️Customers file a $25 million lawsuit against "Liver King" Brian Johnson for alleged steroid use and false advertising.

🏋️‍♂️Customers file a $25 million lawsuit against "Liver King" Brian Johnson for alleged steroid use and false advertising.

A recent lawsuit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court accuses fitness influencer Brian Johnson and his companies, Ancestral Supplements, LLC and The Fittest Ever, LLC, of misleading consumers into buying his products through false advertising.

The lawsuit claims that Johnson promoted his "Nine Ancestral Tenets" lifestyle, including the controversial "Eat Tenet," which promotes the consumption of raw liver and testicles, by consistently appearing shirtless and portraying himself as the epitome of health. In reality, his brand included “a dangerous and life-threatening diet,” which caused “a large portion of consumers” to suffer from “severe” food-borne illnesses.

Earlier this month, Johnson admitted that his muscular body was actually achieved through the use of steroids, not the primal lifestyle he had been promoting.

"He's got an ass filled with steroids is what he's got," said the infamous Joe Rogan on his podcast. "That is not a natural body. That guy is shooting all kinds of shit into his system to achieve that kind of physique. It's a gimmick."

According to a lawsuit, fitness influencer Brian Johnson, also known as "Liver King," convinced millions of consumers to follow his controversial "Eat Tenet" diet, which involves consuming raw liver, spleen, pancreas, heart, kidney, raw bull testicles, and raw sweetbreads. The suit claims that this diet was not sustainable for consumers, causing them to turn to Johnson's supplements in order to maintain it.

The suit also alleges that Johnson repeatedly made false representations to consumers about the effectiveness of the "Eat Tenet" while denying using performance-enhancing drugs.

The plaintiff claims that he and other consumers bought into Johnson’s “cult-like” brand and purchased his products after being drawn by the influencer’s “deceptive consumer-oriented conduct, including … Liver King's misrepresentations and omissions.

He and other consumers would have continued to buy Johnson’s products “had not defendant Liver King’s steroid use been revealed,” the filing claims.

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