$4.1 Million for The Build-A-Bear Workshop Class Action Settlement

Build-A-Bear Workshop Class Action Settlement

$4.1 Million for The Build-A-Bear Workshop Class Action Settlement

Have you ever been in a situation where your phone buzzes with an uninvited text message, trying to sell you something you didn't ask for? Did you ever feel like your preferences and consent were being taken for granted? I'm here to share a story that reinforces the importance of respecting personal boundaries in communication, a story that revolves around the beloved Build-A-Bear Workshop.

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Build-A-Bear Workshop, known for spreading joy among kids with their create-your-own teddy bear experience, has agreed to a significant $4.1 million nationwide class action lawsuit settlement. This comes in response to allegations that they violated the federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) by sending unsolicited text messages to consumers who had revoked consent to receive them.

Those who have received two or more text messages from, or on behalf of, Build-A-Bear Workshop within a 12-month period between Sept. 24, 2017, and March 28, 2023, can potentially benefit from this settlement. If you've ever sent a "Stop" or "Quit" message to halt these texts, this applies to you.

Plaintiffs in the TCPA class action lawsuit asserted that Build-A-Bear Workshop didn't heed their requests to stop these marketing text messages. Despite the company denying these allegations and all claims of wrongdoing, the settlement has been agreed upon.

So, what does this mean for the recipients of these messages? Under the terms of this settlement, those affected can receive a cash payment. The estimated payout per member is up to $500, with the exact amounts varying based on the number of valid claims filed.

If you're part of this settlement class, keep an eye on your email or mail for a notice. Should you receive a notice by mail, there's no further action required. However, if you receive a notice via email, ensure to timely submit an address form to be eligible for a monetary settlement distribution.

Bear in mind (no pun intended), the deadline for exclusion and objection is July 7, 2023. To be part of the settlement and claim a piece of it, make sure to submit a valid claim form by the same date.

This incident serves as a vital reminder about the importance of respecting personal boundaries and consent. As caregivers, we hope to create a world for our children where their choices are respected. This settlement is a step towards a more accountable future.

Let's learn, grow, and ensure our voices are heard. After all, our individual voices contribute to a collective roar that can bring about change.

Stay tuned for the final approval hearing for the Build-A-Bear Workshop text messages settlement scheduled for Sept. 6, 2023.

Remember, your voice matters. Even when it comes to unwanted text messages.

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