👩‍🏭Boss Beauties becomes the first ever NFT on display at the United Nations

👩‍🏭Boss Beauties becomes the first ever NFT on display at the United Nations

Boss Beauties recently announced that they will be the first NFT collection to be on display at the United Nations. This is huge for the NFT space as a whole, as it will make attendees aware of the industry.

The extremely popular project, Boss Beauties NFT collection, founded by Lisa Mayer, announced on their Twitter that their work would be the first NFT to ever be on display at the United Nations.

A Woman Can Be Everything She Wants @BossBeautiesNFT is a woman-led collection that has been creating opportunities for young women for over 10 years through cutting-edge partnerships (including ours!).


Unfortunately, we don’t know too much information about how this will work, however, we know that it’s huge. Not only for this project but for women-led projects and the NFT space as a whole. Hollywood actress Reese Witherspoon said: “Incredible!! Congrats”

Boss Beauties is an extremely popular, woman-led NFT project. Their collection has 10,000 items and features images of women in different uniforms and outfits.

The current floor price of the collection on Opensea is 2.6 ETH, which is around $7,000 USD. Notably, they have an owner percentage of over 50%, as there are 5.2k owners.

Boss Beauties @BossBeautiesNFTWe are proud to announce that Boss Beauties will be the first NFTs ever to be on display at the United Nations. ✨


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The collection gained a lot of attention in the space when they partnered with entertainment giants, Marvel in November of last year to “empower women and girls everywhere”.

Their main goal as a project is to empower women and girls, by depicting in their NFTs that they can do anything they want to be.

The project also recently confirmed that if you hold a Boss Beauty NFT, you’ll gain access to free mints, IRL products and IRL experiences.

Notably, the community is very strong and includes many celebrity holders, who you can find on their Twitter page.