BitClout Labs - Lets Grow

We are very excited to be part of the BitClout community,and since discovering BitClout on Clubhouse end of  March  we have been trying to keep up with all the changes and developemts.

We have been supporting Creators  and seeing more ways to provide tools and expertise. With over 2000 posts just under my main account, and over 2000 followers we are starting to see some trends, and can see adaption in the next 60 - 90 days as the Developers and community address platform and bad actors.

BitClout Labs -  BitClout Native Apps Developer and Media Creator and Curator

  • Educate Potential Early Adaptors to BitClout and the Opportunity
  • Clout Wiki - Organize The Shared Knowledge and Have One Decentralized WikI
  • BitClout Stories -  Storie about BitClout and it’s Creators to drive users and adoptions
  • BitClout as introduction to Crypto and DeFi
  • Fraud - Scam - Bad Actors
  • Crypto Summer Camp

We invested in long term relationships and supporting  the creators we are lookin to grow and built.

                What We Plan To Accomplish

Introduce  10,000 people to BitClout,  Attract 300 Creators  and Support 10 Projects Apps

Traffic - Intake - OnBoarding - Training - Funding - Support - Tools

                               The Team