📱Apple® iPhone 4S Class Action for New York and New Jersey residents

📱Apple® iPhone 4S Class Action for New York and New Jersey residents

A $20,000,000 iPhone settlement has been reached with Apple Inc. (“Apple”) in a class action lawsuit. In the case, the plaintiffs claimed that upgrading to any version iOS 9 on the iPhone 4S substantially slowed down their phones.

The Court did not make a determination as to whether anyone was right or wrong in the lawsuit. Instead, the parties (Apple, and the class action lawsuit plaintiffs) have all agreed to a compromise in the form of the $20 Million settlement, and to move on to approve and distribute these funds to affected iPhone users.

You are in the Settlement Class if

You downloaded iOS 9 (which was first released in September 2015), or any version thereof, onto your iPhone 4S
You lived in New York or New Jersey at the time that you first downloaded any version of iOS 9
Your iPhone 4S experienced a significant decline in performance as a result

Under the Proposed Settlement, Apple agreed to pay a maximum of $20,000,000, also known as the "ceiling" of the payment.

Apple agreed to provide a cash payment of approximately $15 per eligible iPhone 4S. If the total value of approved claims, fees, and expenses, exceeds the $20 million ceiling, then the amount paid per eligible iPhone will be reduced on a pro rated, or proportional basis.

If, on the other hand, the total value of legitimate iPhone settlement claims submitted is less than the total ceiling at $15 per iPhone, then the amount paid per eligible device may be increased up to a maximum of $150 per device. Thus, the amount will be determined by the total number of valid claims filed

To receive the Settlement benefits, you must complete a valid Claim Form that includes, among other things, your name, e-mail, mailing address, and iPhone serial number, if you still have your phone.

You also must declare under penalty of perjury that you meet all the settlement requirements. The form, which you can find here must be submitted no later than August 29, 2022, online (see link below) or by mail to:

Lerman vs. Apple, Inc. c/o JND Legal Administration
PO Box 91446
Seattle, WA 98111

You can also request a Claim Form by calling toll-free 1- 877-540-0949 or by emailing the class action administrator for the iPhone iOS class action here.

The Court will hold a Final Hearing at 10:30 a.m. on September 22, 2022, at the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York, 225 Cadman Plaza E, Brooklyn, NY 11201, or virtually.


The information contained on this website is only a summary of the information presented in more detail in the Class Notice. Because this website is just a summary, you should review the Notice for additional details.

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Call877-540-0949 Emailinfo@OperatingSystemUpdateSettlement.com MailLERMAN VS. APPLE, INC.
c/o JND Legal Administration
P.O. Box 91446
Seattle, WA 98111

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