Sharing "Truth As News" Is Expensive and Important

Sharing "Truth As News" Is Expensive and Important

Especially now that we are living during the most dangerous, exciting, and scary times, the United States is under attack from hate groups and foreign governments, who exploit our liberal values by spreading misinformation and Chinese and Russian government propaganda.

Claims about Israel's response to Hamas, the conflict in Ukraine, the rise in global Anti-Semitism and hate towards the West, and the coordinated narrative that is being spread by hijacking media, perceived public opinion, and the truth.

We have a plan to engage 1 Million users on X ( Twitter) and Turn them into friends and partners, as well as create a consumer application for businesses and creators that will be used as a marketing and analytics tool to be used on X for marketing and management.

We also utilize email and other auxiliary channels for content distribution, but X is the most important channel right now because of a few factors. The following are what's going for X, and the numbers speak for themselves.

With X recently losing about 500 million in ad revenue from brands, changing algorithms and revenue sharing, as well as transparency and incentives, right now is the best time to get on X, and here are a few reasons why. Some marketers say the ROAS ( return on ad spend)is better than many other platforms.

Even if you don't think you need it, please get an account right now, even an anonymous one, to see a few things I am speaking about. Turn off notifications and try it for 10-20 minutes per day to get a few things you care about.

The Twitter algorithm cheat sheet aka ranking factors for dummies.

Given replies/comments are 1x boost.

Positive factors:
1. Likes, 30x
2. Retweets, 20x
3. Images or videos, 2x
4. English UI (0.5x), tweet (0.2x)
5. Follows from seeing tweet 4x
6. Trending topics or news like this, 1.1x
7. Verified = 1x
8. Good account reputation = boost, calculated by follower ratio, usage, and verification if you've been banned before

Replies are worth 27 reposts, and a reply that the post’s poster replies to is worth 75.

Negative factors:
1. Reported tweet is reduced by 700x
2. Multiple hashtags
3. Bad follower-to-following ratio, eg. if you follow 10k people and have 10k followers
4. Only posting URLs
5. Only images
6. Outbound links to non-news or media sites get clapped
7. Interacting with low-quality accounts gets you penalized, so people who meet all the negative factors listed here.

And to make a great offer even better, Elon is giving Verified Orgs $1000 a month in Ad Credits when you spend $1000

We share a daily news briefing with over 1 million people, providing unbiased fact-focused information while prioritizing facts over fiction.