Coinbase NFT has everyone buzzing with excitement at NFT.NYC

Coinbase NFT has everyone buzzing with excitement at NFT.NYC
What happens in NFT.NYC stays on Blockchain forever, and might end up in Metaverse, Sandbox or Decertland.
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The biggest conversation at this year's NFT.NYC is the Coinbase launching its marketplace end of 2021! With over 68 Million clients and DOGE and Ethereum hitting these All-Time Highs, there are a lot of people that want to get into NFT's. With so much interest and excitement, and over two and a half million already on the waiting list, the artists and creators are excited about so many new people joining the space.

Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT Breaks Record With $3.4M SaleSotheby’s sets a new high mark for a single Bored Ape sale
It’s a new record for the popular Ethereum NFT avatar collection, which has generated nearly $1B in secondary trading volume across its sets.

Coinbase NFT will make minting, purchasing, showcasing, and discovering NFTs easier than ever, and with such an influx of new collectors, artists and brands are hard at work and excited about what to come, and how this will get even more mainstream user adaption and provide more opportunities for artist and creators.

With prices and market cooling a bit after exploding but has no sign of slowing down! OpenSea, the top NFT platform has processed over $10 billion in volume in the third quarter of 2021 alone, and with only 400,000 customers.

Coinbase is making NFTs more accessible by building intuitive interfaces that put complexity behind the scenes while attracting top curators, collectors, and artists.  Get on the waiting list and start learning about NFTs for just five minutes per day. And find some friends to explore this with, as anything new it's better with friends and teams.

WTF are NFT’s and what can they do for you and me.
It seems like everywhere you look you hear about all these crazy NFT sales, and about people making millions with NFT’s, but what are NFT’s and what they can do for you other than make you wealthy.
NFT.NYC - Be Safe - Be Smart - Know Where to Learn and Party!
NFT.NYC the biggest NFT event in NFT history. It is just 10 days away and in attendance will be thousands of artists, creators, and Cryptolionaires. Don’t forget about the scammers and fraudsters, so be careful everywhere. NFT.NYC | The Leading Annual Non-Fungible Token EventSince its inaugural con…
History of NFTs from ETH to ...
Ethereum is a blockchain network that was launched in July of 2015. While there were numerous founders behind the project, Ethereum was initially proposed by Vitalik Buterin. In order to fund development, the project sold rights to ETH tokens in a sale that took place between July and August of